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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: April 16, 2012

Dr. Howard Luks

The Inspire Q&A: Inspire talks with Howard Luks, MD

An interview with our favorite, Orthopedic Surgeon and Healthcare Social Media evangelist. Read More.

Andrew Spong

Speaking Personally: where to give voice to healthcare interests on the social web

Where you place your content on line is as important as what you are placing. Andrew Spong, co-founder of the leading European healthcare community Health Care Social Media Europe, gives his thoughts on the context of your content. Read More.

Jenn Riggle

Reclaim your healthcare social media voice

How do you keep your Social Media voice personal and relevant when you are representing a clinic, or hospital? Here are some tips on how to speak your mind. Read more.

Would you join the Facebook of medicine?

Cardiologist, Leslie Saxton, wants to create an online network,, into which anyone can record their medical data through a wireless phone, so users can better understand and control their health and so researchers can follow and identify health trends. Read More.

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