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Healthcare Social Media: A Facebook Toolbox

When it comes to health care social media, Facebook is still king. With its numerous changes it also requires some knowledge to stay on top of things.  Consider these numbers and then take a look in our Facebook Toolbox for what might help you take control of your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook by the Numbers

  • 56 - The percentage of consumers likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a Facebook fan. Tweet This
  • 78 - The percentage of consumers who “Like” fewer than 10 brands. Tweet This
  • 51 - The percentage of consumers who said they are more likely to buy a product after “liking” the product on Facebook. Tweet This
  • 61 - The percentage of consumers who interact with companies on their social networks to receive discounts. Tweet This
  • 55 - The percentage of consumers who follow companies on social networks to receive general information. Tweet This
  • 73 - The percentage of companies who think consumers are following them to learn about their products. Tweet This
  • 71 - The percentage of companies who think consumers are following them on social networks to receive general information. Tweet This

Even More Numbers

  • Total Registered Users: 800 million
  • Total Active Daily Users: 500 million
  • Total Mobile Users: 350 million
  • Apps & Websites Integrated in Facebook Platform: 7 million
  • Total Photo’s Shared on Halloween: > 1 billion

Some Items for your Facebook Toolbox

NetworkedBlogs - This application will import your blog automatically into your Wall whenever you have a new post.

RSS Graffiti - This application will import any RSS feed into your wall.

Pavment - Use this application to create a storefront on your Fan Page.  If you have a product, you can easily sell it directly from your Fan Page.  You can even set it so that your Fans get special discounts available only to them.

Booshaka - This application shows a list of all your top Fans by how much they interact with you.

Fan of the Week - This app automatically picks a Fan of the Week based on interaction and posts a message about the new Fan each week.  - A place to find many more great app choices.  They have a YouTube application and a Twitter application that will import information from those social media sites into tabs on your Facebook Page.

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