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Healthcare Social Media: 5 Simple Steps to a Google+ Business Page

With a network expected to exceed 400 million users by the end of the year, Google+ should be a part of your healthcare social media plan. The window for early exposure is quickly closing so smart Internet marketers are setting up a Google+ Business page as quickly as possible.

Here are 5 simple steps for creating a Google+ Page for your practice.

Create an Accessible Gmail Account

The administrative capabilities of Google+ Pages could use a good deal of improvement. Therefore it is better to start a new Gmail account from the ground up to use in conjunction with your Google+ page.

  • Don’t - use a personal Gmail account you already have.
  • Do – choose or create a Gmail account that will be accessible to multiple members of your staff. For example, create a new account with a name like “”  and use that account to create your Google+ page.
  • Google+ has indicated it will soon have multi-admin support but MD Web Pro recommends using this approach as it works now.

Create a Page Associated With the New Account

Visit The wizard works much like Facebook’s Page wizard. Choose the “Local Business or Place”. Once you have chosen the classification of your business fill in your basic information.

  • Page name (i.e. your company name)
  • Business’ website URL
  • Category (i.e. your field of practice)
  • Classification of your page’s content (i.e. any Google+ user, 18 years of age or older, etc.).

Customize Your Public Profile

The profile basics include your tagline and an image such as your practice logo. Remember the importance of branding. Your Google+ Page should bear the same imagery as your Facebook Business Page, web site, and blog. Take some time and review Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons – a Branding Checklist before creating your Google+ Business Page.


The Google+ creation wizard encourages you to promote the page as soon as it is created. The better approach is to customize your page and share your first updates with select followers before attempting to promote it. Promoting a blank page is not the way to convince prospects that your Page is valuable enough to add to their Circles. Invest the time to optimize your page and share a few links to valuable content before promoting it to the masses.

Promotion of your Google+ Page follows the same principle as with a web site roll out. A bare bones + Business Page has the same effect as “under construction” banners on a web site. Better to get it right before promoting too much.

Get Started!

Google has done a good job of providing prompts as you create your page to make it work. Every rule of making Facebook, Twitter, and blogs applies here. Although every social network has its specific nuances and behaviors, the same basic practices will still apply. Share fresh content on a regular basis, respond to your fans, be engaging, and optimize your page for lead generation.

Google+ has created so some fairly unique ways to create conversation. Be prepared to integrate chat, multi-media, and video. Start right and think big.

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