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Getting Healthcare Medical Email before Prospects

A great deal of resources are often expended on creating email lists and campaigns only to see them fail to produce as expected. Often times the reason is you aren’t getting your healthcare email before prospects like you planned.

Getting an email into a customer’s inbox is much like what it takes for a salesperson to get before a potential client. Every successful salesperson knows there are several key gate keepers to get past before a sale can be made. In the same way, there are several email gatekeepers to consider when managing your email lists.

Getting Past Building Security – ISPs

Before an email can be seen by its recipient, it is first ‘seen’ by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that recipient uses. ISPs stay in business by ensuring their customers receive all their legitimate email and are protected from spam. To protect their users from spam, ISPs implement rules to screen out all that unwanted spam.

Things that get you past the ISP gatekeeper:

  • Dress Appropriately: Too many email marketers fail to spend the appropriate time on their subject lines. Don’t use terms that are associated with spammers. Image only or image-glutted email are also likely to get that email marked as SPAM and kept out.
  • Look in the Mirror: Always use a Spam Checker to see how your email will look to an automated spam filter.
  • Present your Credentials: Companies like Constant Contact, iContact, and Mail Chimp include authentication procedures to ensure ISPs recognize your email as safe. By the use of these, you not only make it clear you are who you say you are but you also build a good reputation.

Be Accepted by the Personal Secretary – the Email Client Settings

Almost every email program gives its user the ability to filter incoming emails. Those filters are the equivalent of a personal secretary with strict instructions from the boss on who to allow in and who to keep out.  The security settings on an email client can be set any number of ways to place your email directly in the inbox, mark it as spam, or mark it as coming from a trusted sender.

The goal is to make your email fit that last category of a trusted sender. There are several things you can do to ensure you have the best chance of earning the trust of that personal secretary.

  • Be Known by the Secretary: Ask your email recipients to add you to their “Safe Sender” list. That one step marks your emails as having an open appointment with the recipient.
  • Have Your Business Card Ready: A permission reminder on your email reminds recipients that they have signed up to receive your emails.
  • Be Respectful: Your recipients’ time is valuable and should be honored. Don’t send ten emails a day! Make sure the emails that you choose to send are on topic for what people on your list opted-in for when they signed up.

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