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Four Non-Negotiable Rules for Successful Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is all about providing information people are already looking for. As a Plastic Surgeon your goal should be to create meaningful content that anticipates the kind of questions people are already seeking answers for on the Internet. Here are some non-negotiable rules to remember as you work to create a successful Inbound Marketing strategy.

Rule #1: Content Is Still King

As important as eye-catching graphics and a clean professional web site layout are it is still text that drives traffic to that beautiful site. This is why a blog with informative content that is relevant to Internet users who are seeking your type of service is so important. Consistently fresh and relevant content is an absolute necessity to keep the cycle going of visitors coming to your site and calling your phone. Inbound Marketing is a better way to do Internet Marketing but it still requires some well-thought out work!

Technorati has an index of 133 million blogs yet only around 76,000 of those blogs have a Technorati Authority of 50 or better. That means less than one tenth of one percent of all the blogs that exist garner 99.9% of all the visits on the web. In simple terms, that means you must create content that is meaningful enough in your field that your content falls into that .10% small field of blogs that are getting all the attention.

Rule #2: Cut the Static

To optimize a site for social media the “linkability” of the content is a prime concern. Web sites, white papers, informative articles submitted to other web sources quickly become static as links to them become pushed further and further down the search engine ranking pecking order. This goes back to content, but fresh content is active rather than static. There is something new there to link to. Something fresh for a blogger to link to may seem to have little importance but the opposite is true. On a recent Hell’s Kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsey a local blogger visited the restaurant he was seeking to help in Providence, RI. Within hours the bloggers comments had been Tweeted and Re-tweeted thousands of times. Part of the reason was the power of Chef Ramsey but another part was the freshness and significance of the information.

Rule #3: Leave a Well-Marked Path

Simple but almost magical additions to Internet content are those innoxiously placed little Tweet, Like, and other social media buttons. It isn’t unusual to see a significant increase to traffic to one’s site simply adding these buttons along with your content.

Rule #4: Don’t Be Greedy

Nothing will short circuit your results for Inbound Marketing quicker than by making it hard for people to share your great content. Think of the YouTube model. Rather than forcing you to visit their site, the creators of YouTube provide code to cut and paste so you can imbed those videos right in your site. The result has been the unbelievable growth of YouTube. Syndicate your content through RSS so others can gain from your content and as a result drive more traffic to you. Win-win is the word to remember in good social media marketing.

The Bottom Line

Since the first bulletin boards and forums content is still king. Good social media marketing is all about a consistent strategy of producing and disseminating the kind of content people are looking for. You know your profession better than anyone else; the key now is to create content that reflects why people should see you as the expert in the field.

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