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Empower your Botox Marketing Campaign with Superior Content

A few years ago all a cosmetic surgeon needed to launch an effective Botox marketing campaign was making it known that treatments were available. Then, medical professionals turned to Internet marketing and all that was required was adding a web page about Botox. Neither of those will set a practice apart today.

A simple Google search for Botox returns a myriad of links, many of which are poorly worded, repetitive and offer nothing that would engender confidence in someone seeking professional advice. Choosing the right key words, doing great SEO, and ranking high for a few days can be accomplished by almost anyone with a bit of Internet savvy. But, maintaining that position is a different matter completely.

So how can you ensure your Botox marketing campaign has legs and stands out from the crowd? As always the answer is simple: superior content! In a previous article we noted the importance of producing fresh authoritative content. Colleen Jones calls this content that has clout.

“The way to get results online is clout—influence or pull. On the web, clout allows you to attract the right people and, at the right time, change what they think or do. Achieving clout demands new thinking and a new focus on web content.” (Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content)

With the abundance of SEO tools and aids that are accessible, it is easy to allow them to become crutches while overlooking weak content. Top drawer SEO coupled with poor content may produce new visitors but it will not create committed followers. Well optimized weak content is like eating at a highly recommended restaurant that has poor service and terrible food. It does not create return customers. Part of a successful internet marketing campaign is creating superior content that creates a following.

There are a number of reasons to take the time to create strong content before launching a Botox marketing campaign:

  • People are searching for it – The next time you prepare an article to use in a campaign try this exercise. Set the copy in front of someone else who hasn’t read it and allow them only 10 seconds to read. Now ask them to tell you something about what they just read. hat is at the high end of the amount of time the average person will scan a web page before either deciding to move on or continue reading. Well thought out content tells people immediately, “I have what you are searching for.”
  • It Generates Conversation – Content that has clout is the kind that gets Tweeted and retweeted. It is the kind of content that gives birth to back links, Facebook likes and other organic traffic back to your site or blog.

As in any campaign you need a battle plan and stick to it.

It does no good to produce superior content, work to persuade followers to view and read that content, see them respond, but then fail to follow up. There must be a workable plan to respond to every tweet direct message, e-mail, blog comment, and form entry your campaign produces. Create superior content that has clout, optimize it so that it is seen, and diligently work to respond to every single follower in some way. That is the formula for a successful Botox marketing campaign.

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