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Email Marketing Best Practices

Stay current with email marketing trends

Email marketing is a great way to advertise your product or service in a convenient and personalized way. Previously we discussed the
Anatomy of a Powerful Plastic Surgery Email Campaign and
6 Winning Practices for a Plastic Surgery Email Newsletter Because most people check their email daily, email marketing is one of the fastest ways to advertise any updated information or specials within your business. As you read about the Essentials of a Plastic Surgery Email Blast you will quickly discover that fully utilizing available technology and content will make managing the various email campaigns much easier. Once you start looking into drip campaigns, frequency campaigns (newsletters), and list segmenting, you will soon discover that these concepts which are essential to an effective campaign take a lot of time to manage. Goal number one needs to be to Simplify your Plastic Surgery Email Advertising while continually growing results and improving on conversions.

Email Marketing Is Still a Must for Plastic Surgeons — It can help to develop a relationship with those interested in learning more about your business and also help you maintain a consistent relationship with former clients to ensure that they will keep coming to you for your products or services. Since most people don’t use separate emails for work and personal life, you can rest assured that your email won’t be left unopened in an inbox that may be checked less often.

Timing is everything

Timing is another important factor to consider when utilizing email marketing. Sending your email in the morning (around 7:00 A.M.) would be the most practical time of day because studies have shown that that’s when most people check and sort through their email before getting to work. Studies have shown that the clickthrough rate for advertisements is highest on Saturday and Sunday and stays pretty stagnant throughout the work week with a slight peak on Wednesday. Therefore, sending your email advertisement right before the weekend would be an ideal time.

People are more likely to unsubscribe to email marketing advertisements during the work week, peaking on Tuesday. This could be because people find that they are so busy with work that they get annoyed by advertisements that come to them when they don’t even have time to consider it.

Don’t forget mobile users

Since 80% of users report checking their email on mobile devices, it’s important to adjust your emails to fit the nature and capacity of a mobile device. Studies have also shown that users are more likely to click on a link in your email if it’s accompanied by several other links. The unsubscribe rate was shown to be highest when there were less than 2 links provided in an email advertisement.

Send more frequently!

Studies have shown that people are actually more likely to unsubscribe to your emails if you only send one a month and the likelihood decreases with each additional email. So, don’t be afraid of sending too much. Remember that your newest subscribers are usually the most loyal and the most interested in your emails.

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