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Directing the Conversation in Advertising Cosmetic Surgery

In recent history, advertising cosmetic surgery or any kind of medical procedure for that matter was considered suspect among both physicians and the general public. Instead, physicians relied on word-of-mouth referrals in order to add to their patient base and often were vocally opposed to marketing of any kind.

A number of factors have worked together over the last 20 years to change this perception of medical marketing. Some to those factors include:

  • An Increasingly Mobile Population - 37.5 million people changed residences in the United States in 2010. The Northeast and Southern California, in particular, have shown significant increases in people moving out of state in search of better jobs and living conditions.  New residents are looking for information about services they want and need.
  • The Digital Generation – More and more consumers depend on digital means such as computers and smart phones to research medical services and physicians. As a result potential clients are seeking out information about plastic surgeons.

A Pew Research shows that almost 80% Internet users in the United States research services and products at least occasionally. On an average day, 21% of adults go online to research spending decisions, a rise from 9% in 2004. “

This means there has never been a time than now that content was more important when advertising cosmetic surgery. Today’s marketplace dictates learning how to direct the conversation about cosmetic surgery leading potential clients to see you as an authority in an increasingly competitive environment.

Today’s Consumers are Seeking Information with Substance

Aesthetic services like plastic surgery are somewhat intangible. Unlike the newest computer at Best Buy, perspective patients cannot sample your services.  The question for the consumer is, “how can I determine the quality of something I cannot experience firsthand before I commit to it?

The best way potential clients have to answer that question is by using proxies to determine the quality of the service you offer. Some of those proxies include patient review sites, the professional quality of your web presence, meaningful and useful content, and your responsiveness to them as they seek further information. A plastic surgeon’s attention to these details creates something tangible for potential clients.

Marketing is simply the methods you use to present an image to consumers, inform them of what services you offer, and assure them of your credentials and level of experience. No matter how state-of-the-art your facility, how deep your medical and professional background, or how satisfied your current patients are, none of that matters unless communicated to those seeking the type of services you provide.

Nothing accomplishes this better than meaningful content presented in such a way that those seeking your services can find it. That means creating informative content and keeping it fresh. Sound SEO tactics cannot be overlooked and you need to stay current on developments in that area. Everyone needs a plan for content that will create matches.

Useful content also leads to other websites linking to that content. Links to your content produces more visitors which boosts your ranking on Google. As rankings are raised, that mobile and digitally savvy consumer can find you. By directing the conversation you become a master marketer without anyone ever thinking of you as anything but a medical professional able to provide the expert advice and service needed.

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