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Correcting Problems with your Plastic Surgery Marketing

Most of the problems with plastic surgery marketing will correct themselves once you ensure you have done the basics right and remained true to them. When internet marketing breaks down it is almost always because at least one of the following mistakes has been made:

Generic Landing Pages

When creating a plastic surgery marketing campaign its foundation should be a landing page designed specifically for it.

An online search can often feel like being lost in the desert and searching desperately for a place with drinkable water. People searching the Internet are not interested in looking at the terrain, checking out the cactus plants, or examining the wildlife. They want water! A generic landing page just looks like more desert to the average Internet searcher. If someone is looking for Botox treatments, most will not wade through twenty other topics on your site until they find what they want.

Offering visitors to your website information they find relevant is always important, in particular when you are attempting any kind of paid advertising online. Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great example of a method of marketing where relevancy has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your ads.

Single Doorways

The first place most new visitors land on your site is the homepage. That homepage needs to effectively serve as an intuitive welcome mat that points people to where they want to go now that they found you. Make it as easy as you can for visitors to find the pages that address their specific needs. It is essential that whatever you are targeting for marketing is highlighted on your home page. Make it hard to find and you can bet most visitors are going to head out the front door without bothering to search any further.

Poor Content

One the main reasons content is so important is because it is your first chance to establish credibility and trust with potential clients. Because they cannot interact with you personally they consider the content of your website and other social media to be your personally designated representative.

Your content is the only salesperson you have when it comes to Internet marketing. Copy cluttered with spelling errors, bad grammar, and poorly chosen words is the equivalent of an unkempt sales rep that doesn’t know what he is talking about. Think of the kind of person you want working the front desk of your practice. What image do you want that person to present? The content on your web site should be held to the same kind of standards. An experienced and polished copy writer can make all the difference in making your Internet marketing work.

Good content presents your story in the best possible light. .

Lack of Effective Follow-up

It is amazing how many marketing campaigns never get off the ground simply because proper planning and effort is not put in to responding to inquires. E-mail inboxes that go unchecked for days, web site comments that are not replied to, new Facebook followers that are never acknowledged all add up to a marketing campaign that will be dead on arrival.

Correct these three common mistakes and the odds are you marketing campaign will accomplish the goals you wanted it to.

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