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Convert your Plastic Surgery Website Visitors to Patients

The ultimate goal of all medical Internet marketing effort is to gain new patients and better service existing patients. Your goal is to see your website visitors actually contact you and make an appointment. Here are five winning practices medical professionals are using to convert their plastic surgery website visitors to patients.

Make it Clear How to Contact You

You may not have noticed, but many service providers (think phone providers) apparently don’t want it to be easy for you to call them. Their 800 number is difficult to find and requires drilling down through several web pages to find it. Insiders know that is indeed intentional. These companies would rather their customer’s email, fill out contact forms, or use on-line chat than call because live help and service lines are very expensive to operate.

This is not the impression you want to give a web visitor of your medical practice. Making it welcoming and simple to call your office is an essential part of any cosmetic surgery marketing plan. There should be a highly visible link to your “contact us” page on every web page. Include every possible way a potential client can contact your office. Provide checkboxes on contact forms so patients can indicate their needs or desire to schedule an appointment. If applicable, all the following information should be clearly highlighted on you contact page.

  • Office number
  • After hours emergency contact number
  • Email address
  • Fax number
  • Physical address with directions and Google map
  • Hours of Operation

Make Payment Options Clearly Visible on your Site.

The best plastic surgeon web sites feature a separate page detailing payment information. For patients who want to use various credit cards or find medical financing assistance this is critical. This will not only serve to gain patients but will relieve staff of answering these questions in phone calls. Always use non-threatening, friendly language that makes your web visitors feel comfortable about contacting your office for an appointment.

Have a Clearly Marked FAQ Page

Sites successful at encouraging conversions take a cue from business sites and make sure a FAQ page is easy for a visitor to find. Plastic surgeons that leave out this crucial piece of information miss out on gaining the trust of potential clients by arming them with information first. When a site visitor sees that your aim is to help them know what to anticipate, they let their guard down and trust you as an authority.

Provide Quality Educational Links to a Few Trusted External Sites

Sites like WebMd provide a great way to offer your site visitors reliable information without having to expend your valuable time and resources to generate all of that content yourself.  Never link to a site that you have not thoroughly reviewed ahead of time. Your visitors will rightfully assume links you highlight are trustworthy and align with your own core practices as a physician.

By answering their biggest questions and concerns ahead of time you establish yourself as an authority. The end result is that they trust you and thus want to make an appointment with you.

Visit Competitor Sites on a Regular Basis

All of these suggestions were derived from investigating what successful plastic surgeons are doing with their web sites. Spend a few minutes every day checking out the best sites around. Answer pertinent questions about what they are doing right. Can you put into practice some of these their best features? Don’t just look at direct competitor’s sites either. There is much to learn from the giants like Wal-Mart and Amazon.


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