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Content That Has Clout

Which comes first, solid content on your blog or consistently strong email campaigns? In other articles we have noted the effect email campaigns can have on driving quality traffic to your blog or web site. But creating content for email campaigns that makes potential clients want to visit your site can be time consuming. The solution? Spend the time and thought creating content on your blog that captures followers and then repurpose that content in future email campaigns to capture even more followers.

“To compete in this aggressively interactive environment, companies must shift their focus from driving transactions to maximizing customer lifetime value. That means making products and brands subservient to long-term customer relationships.”

That observation from a 2010 article in Harvard Business Review is as applicable to your practice as it is to any business.  Medical practices that succeed are built on the foundation of long-term patient relationships.  The question is, do those lasting relationships just happen or can they be nurtured?

In her book, Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content, Colleen Jones writes, “The way to get results online is clout—influence or pull. On the web, clout allows you to attract the right people and, at the right time, change what they think or do. Achieving clout demands new thinking and a new focus on web content.”

So what makes for content that carries this kind of clout? Here are few things to remember when looking for powerful content for your web site or blog.

  • People Are Looking for Content – Regardless of what they are searching for people spend the majority of their time online on content. Whether reading, watching, or listening, it’s content that is meaningful to some segment of visitors that matters. And content that matters to people is why they share that content through their social networks.
  • Content With Clout Changes People – It takes content that demands people’s attention and leads them to make decisions to have clout. Keep the following quote in mind when you sit down to write your next blog post.

“Because people use the web now more than ever to make decisions, everyone from big brands to small businesses to individuals has the opportunity to influence those decisions. My goal is to help you make the most of that opportunity.”

If you can create online content that changes people’s behavior, you have achieved clout.

  • Content that Leads to Decision Requires Research – One of the reasons good analytics are important is because you need to know what content is reaching potential clients and what isn’t. More importantly, you need to identify the kind of content that keep people coming back to your sight and ultimately into your office.While you can always see what words are being searched on your site a more reliable method is to ask questions. Human nature is such that most people like to tell you what they think. Include a space on new patient forms for them to note if they have ever visited your web site or blog. Ask them to identify what they liked about it.

With patients you feel comfortable asking, seek their input on what articles on your blog have impacted them. The next step is to focus your efforts on content that explores these same areas from a different angle or in more depth.

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Tim George is a regularly contributing author to the MDWebPro blog. Tim is passionate about web marketing for MDs expecially the latest trends and results in social media, SEO and inbound marketing. For more, please follow @MDWebPro on Twitter

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