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Branding and the Plastic Surgeon in Social Media

Branding is a marketing term we most often associate with products. Whether it’s the Nike Swoosh or Coke’s distinctive font, we instantly associate those symbols with not only the company but what it makes and is about. The principle of branding goes far beyond products applying to personalities, services, and professionals like attorney’s and doctors.

In its simplest terms, branding entails everything about what people think of when they see your name or practice.

Your brand begins with your practice, physical office, and traditional advertising. Branding a plastic surgeon in social media carries the principle to the next level. With social media, you are inviting others to become the ambassadors of your brand. As we noted in another post, Facebook is the strongest player in the social media field when it comes to accomplishing this.

AYTM surveyed 2000 regular Internet users and used their responses to produce a picture of why Facebook is the spoke in the social media hub to focus on. The conclusions are as follows:

  • Prioritize Building your Facebook Community – 85% of regular Internet users have a Facebook account while just under half have Twitter accounts. Not only do more people use Facebook, they use it more regularly. Just over one third of Twitter users tweet at least once a day. Fully 75% of Facebook users are on Facebook every day. There are double the number of Facebook users with at least 100 friends than Twitter users with 100 followers. The math makes it plain, if you have to choose between Twitter and Facebook, choose Facebook.
  • Facebook is a Stronger Branding Platform – The best measurement of how well branding is occurring is through “likes” on Facebook and “follows” on Twitter. Facebook users are twice as likely to “like” a brand than “follow” it on Twitter. When it comes to sharing links, videos, or stories, Facebook again leads the way with regular Internet users.
  • Facebook “Likes” Create Even More Brand Consciousness – Facebook users that like brands are far more likely to have more than 100 Facebook friends. They are also the users most likely to be on Facebook every day.


The Bottom Line:

This does not mean Twitter is not beneficial because it is. Many medical professionals are realizing that Twitter works best as an auxiliary tool. Tweets are great to point to Facebook landing pages, blogs, and web sites. They also serve a significant purpose when immediacy is crucial.

Considering all of these statistics together can lead to only one conclusion; branding and the plastic surgeon in social media require keeping Facebook front and center. With the right tools and a little insight one can leverage Facebook to accomplish things where traditional media continues to slip.

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