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Avoid these Commons Mistakes in MD Web Design

Did you know?

77% of users would like email reminders from their doctors
75% of users want to schedule appointments using the Internet
74% of users wish to interact with their physician via email
67% of users would like to see test results in an email
64% of users would like access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) online

People do web searches because they want information. Numerous surveys of web users show that they do not contact the owner of site because the site is difficult to use. Here are some common mistakes in MD Web Design to avoid.

 Mistake #1: Amateur Design

You have spent years honing your skills as a plastic surgeon so why trust your best link to potential patients to an amateur? There was a time contracting a professional web designer was cost prohibitive but not anymore. This is one item in your budget you can’t afford to cut corners on.

Mistake #2: Cookie Cutter Templates

There are a number of reasons to avoid most templates. First among those is you want your web site to be as distinctive as your practice. If you are going to use a template, make sure it is a premium one designed by a company with a proven track record in your profession. Some reasons templates can cause problems are:

  •  No originality – if three other plastic surgeons are using the same template in your area there is nothing to make your practice stand out.
  • Hard to customize
  • Limited expansion – the site that works perfectly today may not the one you need three months from now. Many templates are often limited in how their scope can be expanded.

Mistake #3: Missing Essentials

Some templates are SEO friendly but many are not. Key tools for your inbound Internet marketing strategy may be missing.

Mistake #4: Too Much Flash

When Adobe Flash first hit the scene it became the mark of future thinking sites to have a flash introduction screen. Interactive java scripts are more user and SEO friendly, so use them instead.

Mistake #5: Writing Copy after Design

This is true especially for your blog. Content really is still king and should drive everything about the design of your blog and web site. Create good copy first and then a winning design to highlight it.

Mistake #6: Using Non-Scannable Text

Converting content to large graphics is counterproductive for a number of reasons. They slow down the load time of your site and cannot be scanned by search engine spiders. Titles, headings, sub-headings and text are all road signs for Google and other search engines to find you.

Mistake #7: Stock Photos

Professional photos of your practice are a web visitor’s first introduction to you and your staff. With the advent of inexpensive digital cameras a staff member can also be used to make photos of various parts of your clinic.

Mistake #8: Forgetting Calls to Action

A call to action is exactly what the term implies. It is an opportunity for a visitor to your blog or web site to do something.  Many sites have calls to action but do not show the kind of results they should produce. To learn more about making an effective call to action read 10 Rules for Making “Calls to Action” Work.

Mistake #9: Hard to Find or Missing Contact Information

Failing to make contact information easy to find is a sure formula for failure in Internet marketing. Every page of your web site and blog should have easy to locate contact information.

Mistake #10: Complicated Contact Forms

If you require too much information or make a form difficult to navigate, visitors will leave without filling it out. Again, keep it simple.

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