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Automate your Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Every medical professional needs a way to connect with potential patients and ways to accomplish that without making life any busier than it already is. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels are great ways to connect but using them effectively can also become time consuming. The answer to this dilemma is found in the many tools now available to automate your plastic surgeon marketing campaigns. Here are a few of the options that are available to those serious about inbound internet marketing.


The work of growing your followers and fans is made much easier by energizing them through the use of contests and promotions. Wildfire is a suite of tools that enables you to create, promote and successfully execute a wide range of contests and promotions. Wildfire is a preferred partner of Facebook that offers a range of contest solutions from basic and inexpensive branded sweepstakes to custom built non-branded solutions. Not only does Wildfire handle this effective marketing tool with little effort on your part but it also provides detailed campaign analytics .


This scheduling software enables you to schedule predesigned messages to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Hootsuite allows you to create and use shortened urls and pre-select photos to go with different Facebook updates. Plus, you can monitor who is responding to Twitter message in an easy-to-use format. Hootsuite is a tremendous time saver.

Tweet Adder

Ensuring consistent growth of your fan and follower base can be very time consuming. To create and maintain interest in your network you have to provide quality content on a consistent and timely basis. Tweet Adder speeds up this process by allowing you to select influential people and leave Tweet Adder to automatically follow their followers. The number of people who follow you back will grow amazingly fast using this great little tool.

Social Oomph

Though many of its functions are found in Hootsuite, Solial Oomph has some features you don’t want to overlook. Perhaps the single most useful tool is “auto follow” by which people who follow you are automatically added to your follow list.


If you use video in your marketing campaigns (and you should) you don’t have to expend huge amounts of cash on a videographer/producer. Camtasia provides everything you need to create and edit professional quality videos in an extremely short learning curve. This affordable software enables you to edit video, slides, transitions, voice-overs, and other media effects. All you need is a camera and adequate lighting and you’re ready to shoot your own practice videos.


This is a powerful and simple tool to produce professional grade before and after images and other high quality photos. Adding you photos to Flickr and other services such as Shutterfly and Photobucket increases the visibility of these images, which in turn makes your website more visible.

Of course, some time will have to be spent getting started with these tools but the long term result be saved time in the long run and your online marketing efforts will be greatly magnified.


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