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Anatomy of a Like: Doctors and Social Media

If you have embraced Facebook as your primary focus in social media, the next step is to understand what causes followers to embrace your brand. That understanding can be gained from this anatomy of a Facebook “like”.

What leads Facebook users to like your Facebook business?  Conversely, what prevents them from liking your page? It is essential to know what goes through a prospect’s mind in this process. A survey of 600 active Facebook users by ExactTarget offers insights into these questions. Replace “plastic surgeon” for “company” and every one of these apply to you as a doctor in social media.


Why People do not “Like” Business Pages

  • 54% do not like to be bombarded with ads or messages
  • 45% do not want companies to gain access to their profile information
  • 31% do not want status updates, photos and other information to be pushed out into their friends’ news feeds
  • 29% do not like to be contacted on Facebook
  • 23% sees no benefit coming from liking your page
  • 19% do not want to impose their interests and views on their friends
  • 8% have not found a company worth “liking”
  • 4% do not know what it means to “like” a company on Facebook

What Leads People to “Like” Business Pages?

The key is your wall! If first look at your wall appears like an obvious advertisement, the hesitant are not going to “like” you. Social media is about engaging in conversation. Focus on that and ensure tentative users they aren’t going to spammed.

A professionally designed Welcome Screen is vital. Make it personal and expand on the benefits of your practice. People who haven’t liked you business page should be given assurance you will not contact them outside of your business page unless they ask you to.

What Do People Expect if they “Like” your Page?

ExactTarget asked survey respondents what they expected from a company if they liked their page:

  • Getting exclusive content, sales or events (58%)
  • Getting promotions and discounts (58%)
  • Get updates about the business (47%)
  • Allow the company to post updates, videos and other content on their news feed (39%)
  • Sharing with their contacts (38%)
  • Make the name of the company appear on their own profile (37%)
  • Do not expect anything to happen (37%)
  • Allowing the company to send them more relevant offers based on the profile information that is publicly available (36%)
  • Interacting with the page owner (28%)
  • Allowing the company to access public profile information (27%)
  • Allowing the company to make contact through other ways such as e-mail, post or other social media sites (24%)

How Do you Get People to Stay?

Exclusive content is a common denominator in what keeps people on your page. If a follower begins to sense there is nothing to gain from liking your business page they will soon “unlike” it. To prevent people from opting to unlike your page, you must give them something they can’t find elsewhere. For the plastic surgeon, special discounts only available through your business page work effectively.


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