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An Inbound Marketing Medical Bag for Plastic Surgeons

Every physician has the instruments of his or her practice that are invaluable aids to carry out successful procedures on a consistent and professional basis. While it is easy to become overwhelmed with the various aids that exist to do effective internet marketing, here are a few tools that will make your Inbound Marketing both efficient and satisfying.

Social Media for Firefox – If you are using any other web browser here is one great reason to switch to Firefox. One of the best ways to attract visitors is to consistently submit articles that cover hot topics.  This Firefox addon gives you a heads up on what is trending popular on services such as StumbleUpon and Digg. Relevance, timing and content are the keys to getting people to link to your landing page, blog, and web site. This is a good general tool use in when designing the critical middle stage of Inbound Marketing.

Google Insights for Searcha simple tool to use in researching the popularity of different keywords and combinations of keywords. Filters for search type, geographic location, industry or topical category and timeframe enable you to fine tune your search for words and phrases there are not tickets on the Internet. - This free service does a lot more than shorten links for Tweets. By using shortened links you also have access to basic statistics for shortened URL that reveal how productive the site is where it was shared. The shortened links are a must for Tweets, can be customizes for effectiveness, and offer free stats as an added bonus. Consider the power of a link for others to share that reads

HowSociableHere is another free tool to use in gauging the degree of presence of a particular keyword throughout social media.

SEMRush - A pertinent question for marketers is, “What are my competitors optimizing for?”. SEMRush helps answer that question and when combined with other standard and social keyword research, is helpful insight in a social media optimization program.

Majestic SEO – The free part of this service is powerful and the paid version is almost invaluable for Inbound Marketing strategy. With the free service you get can get full reporting on how others are linking to your site. A big part of smart inbound marketing is knowing what your competition is doing on the net and this tool tells all. With a little practice you will be able to see what social media sites your competition is linking to and what results they are getting from it. You will also be able to determine which of your social destinations (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc) are being linked to and from where.

Some of these tools are easier to learn to use than others but each will help you fine tune your Inbound Marketing for better results.

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