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Advertising Ideas for Plastic Surgeons

Whether for online or print campaigns, there are some basic principles that apply to all kinds of effective advertising. There has seldom been an ad that was great on the first attempt. Most ads begin with an educated guess that is followed by numerous cycles of testing and tracking. Sometimes an adjustment to one small element of an ad can radically change the response to it.

However, every advertisement should be built on some proven basic elements. Here are some basic advertising ideas for plastic surgeons that can make the difference between a successful ad campaign and a failure.

Make it Personal

The most successful plastic surgery ads have one thing in common; they answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” Content should use the second person whenever possible. Avoid generic and impersonal phrases like “we care about the patient.” The more powerful phrase would be. “We care about you.”

Use Strong Headlines

The headline is the single most important element in any ad. Researchers report that people read the headline five times more than they read the body of an ad. Because of that, spend some time on those few words and make sure they communicate a benefit for the reader. A good example is, “You Can Look 10 Years Younger – Tomorrow!”

Use Compelling Words and Phrases

  • Power words like “Introducing”, “Announcing”, and “Free” are still the most effective words in the advertising vocabulary.
  • Use action words such as “Enjoy”, “Discover”, and “Learn”.
  • Use believable how to statements like, “How you can Appear 10 Years Younger.”
  • Use questions to create reader curiosity – “Does it Look Like This Woman Had a Face Lift?”
  • Place your name in headlines to strengthen your brand.

Let Other Tell Your Story

Testimonials make copy more trustworthy because readers see the endorsements of your patients more persuasive than what you say about yourself. It is far more compelling for one patient to tell another patient what you did for them.

Educate Them

Advertising people often say, “You Sell More When You Tell More”.  Internet advertising, in particular, lends itself to offer prospective hard information about procedures they are interested in. At the same time, never let your ad copy come across like a technical manual. People want bite size snippets of information they can use immediately.

Provide more detailed information on subpages of a web site. Offer a special report on a new procedure you are offering.

Show Them

Before and after pictures receive far more hits than any part of the average plastic surgeon’s web site. When possible avoid stock photos and use real patients. You will be seen as more credible if you use your own patients in your plastic surgery photos. Also use photos that portray your ideal target patient.  If you want to attract younger women for liposuction, be sure and use that age group in photos.


You must make a long term commitment to advertising to get a good response. It also means thinking creatively.  Find new ways to tell your target audience what they want to hear and then give them a reason to respond to you now.

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