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A Word of Caution about Doctors Reviews

One of the reasons you need to use our free review tool is because there are now dozens of web sites that exist solely for the purpose of patients posting doctors reviews. Many of these are reputable and provide a valuable service to people looking for a particular kind of physician. At the same time, it is important to recognize some of these sites not only accept negative reviews but actively seek them.

As in every aspect of your online reputation the key is to be positively proactive when negative reviews show up.  A recent post on Medical Justice Blog provides some valuable insights a plastic surgeon can use should a patient ask about negative reviews they have found on one of these medical review sites. Some of the shortcomings of many reviews it points out include:

  • Subjectivity – No review is without some bias. Even in sites that use physicians to rate other physicians, doctors reviews are still highly subjective. Medical Justice points out that reviews by other physicians can in fact be the least objective of all. Some medical professionals move in numerous social and professional circles and can obtain a reputation has highly qualified based on associations rather than actual performance.  Physicians who speak at public functions or teach can often be perceived as better whether they are in reality or not. In other words, reviews can become somewhat of a popularity contest and people should recognize that when reading them.
  • Unequal ComparisonsMedical Justice also notes that reviews of doctors are not always an A:A comparison. A physician with more negative reviews may also be one who is willing to take on more difficult cases or is pioneering new procedures. They will by default have some glowing reviews but also negatives from those who don’t acknowledge how difficult their medical situation may have been to begin with. A physician that avoids similar cases will not have as many negative reviews but the comparison is not a fair representation.

Be Vigilant about Your Online Reputation

This article in Medical Justice should give every plastic surgeon reason enough to monitor what review sites are saying about them. You need someone on your staff to be responsible for monitoring what your patients, their friends and family, and other physicians are saying about your practice. The time and resources you have put into your practice will pay off as long as you keep track of what current and former patients are saying about you. Your monitoring should begin with review sites but extend to all forms of social media.

  • Blogs
  • Web sites
  • Twitter
  • Facebook comments
  • LinkedIn posts

By using our free review tool you can quickly keep tabs on what is being said about you and your practice. With that information in hand you can then respond to reviews that you feel may be damaging.

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