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8 Facebook Essentials Every Plastic Surgeon Needs to Remember

On average, every Facebook user has clicked “like” on 60 different business or fan pages. To set yourself apart the first time anyone happens upon your Business page here are the 8 essentials you can’t afford to ignore.

Make it Pop!

That doesn’t mean to make it cartoonish but rather memorable. Spend some time checking out other cosmetic surgery sites and make a list of features you like. The next step is to avoid copying those features but rather ask how you can improve on them. Involve the whole staff in the process and consider asking for the opinion of a few loyal clients.

Avoid the Wall - Never make it where newcomers land on the wall portion of your page. Facebook allows you to automatically direct first time visitors to a custom designed page specifically tailored for them. As a result they get a completely different message from visitors that are already fans. This is a good place to introduce a new visitor to you, your staff, your specialties, or to make a special offer they just can’t refuse.

Give Something Away - One of the quickest ways to expand your Facebook presence is by offerings something existing fans of your page can tell others about. It doesn’t have to be big – just something worth telling someone else about.

Don’t Be Shy - Facebook is the largest photo sharing site on the planet and people who go to there expect to see pictures. On the page new visitors are directed to, it is particularly important to present an image that brands you as an expert in your field who can be trusted.

Tag Your It - Allowing fans to upload photos and tag themselves and friends your page has the social hook every growing Facebook page needs.

Don’t Forget the Back Door - Provide as many ways as possible for people to find their way to your Facebook page by linking to it from other social media sites, blogs, and even your web site. Use accounts you already have, like Twitter, to introduce visitors who might not have found you otherwise. If you’re not on Twitter; join now. Remember, people who use Twitter on a regular basis have lists of friends they share their Tweets with. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!

Treat Visitors with Respect - When a new visitor clicks “like” take the time to thank them. Offer them a chance to sign up for free information about some procedure they are considering. Allow them a chance to introduce themselves to other followers. Small gestures go a long way in creating a loyal fan base.

Like anything worthwhile, a successful Facebook Business page requires creativity and perseverance. Over time, a small loyal fan based, can become bigger than you ever imagined possible. The key is to remain invested in your Facebook page. Monitor your page on a regular basis and continually look for little things to improve it.

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