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7 Killer Medical Website Mistakes

We review medical website and medical website stats each and every day.  Our days revolve around search engine optimization reviews, conversion reviews, content reviews, email reviews and social media reviews.  We monitor hundreds of sites and report on the results.  In doing this, we see many killer medical website mistakes.  I’m sharing our top 7 below and hoping you aren’t guilty of any of these :).

1.  No analytics

Through our site audit tool, we monitor hundreds of websites each month.  When we sift through the reports the stat which makes me cringe the most is seeing how many sites out there still don’t have a quality analytics package installed for monitoring the site traffic.  Or they have it installed on some pages of the site but not all.  There are great analytics packages available for free such as Google  Analytics.  You truly can’t improve on what you can’t measure and an analytics package like Google Analytics is the place to start.

2. Broken links

Could you imaging walking into a clinic for a visit and after waiting in the lobby the nurse leads you down the hall to the exam room.  But when you try to open the door to the exam room it won’t open.  You turn and look at the nurse but she only shrugs back in response.  That is what broken links on your site are like to your visitors!  You’ve done the hard work in getting them to your site and actually getting them to click a link and then you lead them to a page that doesn’t exist.  Broken links happen.  But there is no excuse for not catching them as soon as possible through monitoring software and having them fixed.

3. No fresh quality content

I’m not going to say, “content is king” — even though it really is.  Quality and engaging content drives every web marketing effort.  Quality content brings visitors to your site, it keeps them on your site, it nurtures your leads over time, and it converts visitors into leads.  Quality content also spills directly over into your social media efforts.  The best performing sites have an editorial calendar in place defining 1) what content is needed  2) who is creating it  3) when it is being published  4) how is it being promoted — this is what goes into a content marketing strategy.

4. Lame call to actions

Or often what is worse than “lame call to actions” is no call to action at all.  Call to actions are the keys to driving leads from your website visitors.  Getting people to your site is one thing.  Getting them to give up their personal information so you can market to them over time and nurture them into patients is a completely different task.  When you search for “botox new york” you expect to find a Botox provider near New York — this part is Google’s job.  When you click the link for one of the providers Google displayed, you probably expect to land on a page about Botox and why you should choose this provider.  This page is the perfect place for a well performing call-to-action to turn that visitor into a lead.  Maybe it is a Botox coupon download form, schedule a Botox appointment, or register to receive some Botox educational information.  A lame call to action here is “sign up for our newsletter” which gives no incentive and has nothing to do with the original search ‘botox new york’

5.  No email followup

Once you have the great call-to-action from #4 above and you are collecting leads from your site, it’s time to nurture those leads and keep them coming back to your site.  Do you know what experience these prospective patients are receiving when they give you their name and email address on your site?  Someone needs to be responsible for this experience because it is the most critical point in the leads lifetime.  This is your opportunity to shine.  They have just moved from anonymous visitor on your site to prospective patient with a name and email address.  Please make sure they are being followed up with.

6. Duplicate page titles

Could you imagine walking into a bookstore and every book has the same title?  How would you ever find the book you are looking for?  When Google visits your site and each page has the same title, that is exactly what they see.  The easiest way to see if your website developer has done any SEO on your site is to look at your page titles.  We come across thousands of pages with duplicate titles each week in our reports.  And often new sites come to us with every page on the site containing the exact same title.  When you have done your keyword research and you know what phrases you want to target, updating these titles should be job number 1. Not sure if your site has duplicate titles, check it now.

7.  No process to review and improve

Did I mention that you can’t improve on what you can’t measure?  Well measuring is the first step but having a system in place to regularly review results to find out what worked and what didn’t to constantly improve is the 2nd step in the process.  We collect tons of data for our clients on their sites and their competitors.  You can have all the data in the world and never improve if no one is reviewing it or knows what to look for.  You can pass the task off to your administrator or your marketing person but generally the true insight comes when those who swim in similar data all day long get a chance to pull the gems out.  Our Inbound Advisor program does just that.

So are you guilty of any of these?  Since you are reading this blog, chances are your site is squeaky clean or you are working towards it.  If not, there is no time  like the present to begin cleaning your site up.  Your patients will appreciate it.

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