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6 Winning Practices for a Plastic Surgery Email Newsletter

1. Set Clear Goals

What do you want to achieve with your email newsletter? As in all planning, answering some strategic questions will help you define the purpose of your email newsletter. Do you want an email newsletter to:

  • Drive traffic to your blog?
  • Build a mailing list for future marketing?
  • Reinforcing your brand?

If driving traffic to your blog is your main goal for an email newsletter then everything about that newsletter should lead recipients to click a link that carries them to you blog.

2. Establish a Consistent Voice

Whatever tone you want to set with your newsletter keep it consistent. Readers tend to expect a certain type of communication from you over time and are put off when things change to often. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment over time but it does mean that you should try to have some level of consistency in what you present to readers. Changing your format and style too often will always lose loyal readers.

3.  Make it Clear to Readers What Your Newsletter is About

If you tell readers your newsletter will provide them with timely information about the latest in plastic surgery procedures they will expect to find that information in newsletters to follow. It’s better to get fewer subscribers who expect what you will deliver than having people subscribe and later feel they have been tricked into joining your list.

4. Build Value

‘Value’ can take on many forms. It can be original content, special offers that don’t appear anywhere else, or resources that are hard to find in other places. The key is to watch how users respond to different parts of your email.  Some plastic surgeons feel they shouldn’t reuse information from their web site or blog. But many people who find themselves too busy to read your blog consistently will read a newsletter comprised of high profile information from taken from that blog.

5.  The Few Lines make all the Difference

The first few lines of a blog are the most important. In an email newsletter the subject line is your title and first line. Many people make the subject line the sole determining factor for reading an email. What you put at the top of the body of your newsletter always gets higher ‘conversion’ than anywhere else.  If you want a link to get clicked, put it near the top!

6. Use a Reliable Newsletter Service

Yes you can send you email newsletter out yourself but why? There are a number of free email newsletter services where you can manage you mailing list and track response. Better yet services like iContact and Constant Contact are relatively inexpensive, offer easy HTML email newsletter creation and have top notch tracking tools.

Another value of these services is they ensure Double Opt in techniques to gather subscribers (the person must subscribe and confirm that subscription from an email to them). Having double opt in systems does decrease your actual subscriber numbers and causes some headaches – but it is important. Make sure the service gives people a way to opt out of your newsletter and includes your postal address in the newsletter. This will protect you from breaking any laws or creating ill will among potential clients.

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