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5 Proven Steps to Finding Plastic Surgery Leads

1. Use Web Analytics Tools to Develop a Portrait of your Web visitors

These useful tools will give you a clear picture of how visitors come to and use your site. Among other things, a web analytics tool will tell you which Web sites are referring visitors to you, the number of unique visitors your Web site gets every month, and how many of those visitors make it to your “contact us” page. Some of these tools are free but even the best of the paid versions are inexpensive.

When you identify a referral source that results in a high number of “contact us” visits, you know where you need to be concentrating. That lead-generation source has been doing its job. If you choose a hosted web analytics tool that requires hidden code, be sure and place that code at the top of each of your pages so that it is the first item to download. Otherwise you will miss many visitors.

2. Call Attention to your “Contact Us” Page

Make sure your “contact us” page can be found easily on every page of your site. Keep contact forms short, only asking for bare essential information. If you ask for too much information, visitors will head elsewhere. You don’t need to request a referrer because your web logs record that for each visitor who submits information.

3. Use Tagged URLs

These are sometimes called tracking URLs and provide a more precise way to categorize where your visitors are coming from. The information provided by tagged URLs will help you know the exact number of visitors you receive from:

  • Your online Ads
  • Your e-newsletter
  •  Google searches
  • Web portals you subscribe to
  • Other search-engine searches
  • Publicity housed on trade-magazine and newspaper web sites.

4. Determine Which Visitors are Leads

Compare the total number of visitors to your site with the number of views for your “contact us” page.  This will give you the percentage of visitors that are becoming leads.

5. Cultivate the Leads

The only way to capture leads is when they become “warm prospects.” Very few visitors are ready to contact you the first time they visit your site. Your goal is to have those visitors keep you in mind as they continue their search phase. For this to happen, you have to take a proactive role in moving those warm prospects to people who call in for a consultation or appointment.

One of the best methods to use to keep prospects warm until they contact you is through E-newsletters. This is the reason you want to make it simple to fill out your “contact us” page. Also be sure and have a link for people to subscribe to your E-newsletter that only requires an email address. The newsletter will keep your name on the front burner and continue to cement the desired image of you as an authority.

Making the most of your Email campaign is vital because this is still the single best way to cultivate leads. However you cultivate your leads, be sure that your messages reflect professionalism and a genuine interest in helping the prospective client. When done well, follow-up e-mails can win over prospective clients who might otherwise quickly forget you altogether.


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