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412 New Botox Patients in 12 Months

We just wrapped up a 12 month Botox campaign for a client where our primary goal was to drive new Botox Cosmetic patients to the clinic. Most clinics and spas place a high value on Botox patients because customers become lifelong patients. And the Botox patients are generally very likely to buy other services as well.

After 12 months of running the campaign. The stats for this client were:

1.3 New patients per day (365 days a year)

34.3 New patients per month

What is so great about this particular campaign is not the total numbers, after all there are far more than 412 new Botox patients available each year in this market, but the way we tailored the campaign to match a very limited budget. For the next 12 months this client can easily double the current budget and expect 800+ new Botox patients through the door.

Does your maketing campaign have ROI metrics like this? If not, give us a call or fill out the website report form to the right and we’ll start growing your practice today.

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