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Healthcare Social Media Week in Review: May 7, 2012

Dan Bowman

Why social media, healthcare don’t mix: One doc’s take

To be fair and open-minded we’re including this post of one doctor’s voice in the debate over the role of Social Media in Healthcare. Read More.

New Healthcare Study Shows Huge Opportunity in Social Media

And now some facts about Health Care Social Media we can get behind. “According to a 2011 study by the nonprofit research firm Pew Internet & American Life Project, the third biggest use for the Internet — just behind a general search and checking your email — is searching for online health information.” Read more.


Harnessing Social Media for Health Promotion and Behavior Change

“This article summarizes current evidence and understanding of using social media for health promotion. More important, it discusses the need for evaluating the effectiveness of various forms of social media and incorporating outcomes research and theory in the design of health promotion programs for social media.” Read More.

Seattle Mama Doc

Imperfect Pediatrics

This article casts a realistic, concert vision for what social media, used well, can do to improve patient care. The example is for a pediatric setting, but the principals apply to any doctor who’s schedule is stretched thin and us open to using Social Media tools in new ways. Read More.

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