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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Making the Patient Experience a Priority

Over the past 5 years we have been honored to be a part of two medical applications focused on improving care.  Below is an interesting infographic from BerylHealth focusing on the patient experience.  Of particular interest is the 90% difference … Continue reading

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10 Benefits of Blogging

If you were to have uttered the word ‘blog’ or ‘blogging’ 25 years ago no one would have know what you were talking about. Blogs didn’t exist. Sure, there were things similar to blogs like newspaper articles or personal journals, … Continue reading

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Mobile VS. Responsive: An In-Depth Look

The growing trend of smartphone and tablet use has boosted the importance and popularity of websites tailored for mobile devices. According to Morgan Stanley mobile internet will overtake desktop internet by 2014. It’s a new challenge for companies as regular … Continue reading

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WordPress Website Security in 2013

WordPress is the reigning king of easy to use web content management.  As of 2011 WordPress was the content management system used by a whopping 22% of all new websites and 14.7% of the top 1 million sites.  Many big … Continue reading

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Helpful Mobile Social Media Statistics

Have you ever wondered how practical social media is to our marketing or business plan? Is it actually a useful tool, or is it simply something we do in order to pass the time? Can a company find a way … Continue reading

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Get Your Website Mobile Ready!

Maybe you’ve experienced this before. You’ve got a smart phone. You’re at your favorite store, and a thought comes rushing into your mind- “I wonder about [blank]. I should check that out on Google.” So you pull out your phone, … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Infographic

Since I posted the Types of Social Media Users Infographic on Monday and then in honor of mobile month, I wanted to in combine the two and share another helpful display of Mobile Marketing in 2013. Many marketing teams are … Continue reading

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Types of Social Media Users Infographic

Social media is a huge part of our everyday life. I would guess that between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest most people have some sort of social media profile, and most of those people have multiple social media profiles. I … Continue reading

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Google Ranking Factors in 2013 (formerly SEOmoz) yesterday released their Search Engine Ranking factors report.  The report is a combination of survey data from industry professionals and correlation data from a separate study. Through the hundreds of sites we manage and monitor using our … Continue reading

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Mobile Website vs. Responsive Website Design

Last week I wrote about the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app, and I received some good feedback! One of the topics that was brought up was the difference between mobile sites and a responsive website. If … Continue reading

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