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BringShare: A Powerful Tool For Healthcare Email Marketing

There’s a lot that goes into preparing a great email including a good deal of guesswork. When sending out your healthcare marketing email, it’s hard to know what subject line, content, or call to action will get the best response. Then, once that email is sent it can be equally difficult to accurately measure the impact of each of those components on the success of the campaign.

BringShare is an inexpensive tool that enables you to make smarter email marketing decisions by comparing several emails against each other.

How it Works

Looking at the performance of just one email reveals what you could have done better. To get that kind of insight, you must compare several emails against each other to understand how each performs, and which performs best.

By using BringShare, you can easily view a side-by-side comparison of each email you’ve sent and make conclusions about what works and what doesn’t. Smart data leads to smart decisions. The dashboard approach this tool offers takes the guess work out of analyzing your email marketing campaigns.

In just five minutes you can quickly learn to how to compare the following factors in several email campaigns side by side:

1. Open Rates – Look at the email with the best open rate. That email likely had the strongest subject line or it was sent at the ideal time. Pay attention to these two elements and see how they compare to your other emails with high or low open rates. See if you can determine a pattern (i.e. the emails with the best open rate had similar subject lines or were sent at a similar time.

2. Clickthrough Rate – This is an indication of three things: either great content, great calls to action, or great special offers. Study the emails that have the highest clickthrough rate and compare them to the ones with the lowest rate. You will probably see an obvious difference between the two. Better promotional offer? Better images? Promotional offer button located higher in the email?

3. Bounce Rate – Are people bouncing off your site? In other words, did they click through to your site and then leave without doing anything? A high bounce rate typically means that you didn’t take them to a relevant page on your site. If your email talks about Botox and they land on a page of your site that speaks about breast augmentation, that’s a pretty major disconnect and a bounce waiting to happen. Test your links and make sure there is a relevant connection from the email to web link.

4.  Conversions – This is where the rubber meets the road. You have to be succeeding on all of the above in order for this metric to look good. Did you generate leads with your email? If the answer is “no” and you have a low conversion rate, you need to rethink your call to action or offer.

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