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The Plastic Surgeon’s Social Media in 15 Minutes a Day

In our recent article, Finding the Time for Healthcare Social Media, we acknowledged what most of you have already discovered; social media takes time. Time, or lack of it, explains most of the false starts, spotty results, and sporadic efforts when it comes to maintaining an active online presence.

In that article it was suggested to allot about 30 minutes per day or two hours per week to manage your Facebook page effectively. But what if you can’t find 30 minutes? Then how about a plan to successfully engage your Facebook followers in just 15 minutes a day!

It Begins with a Plan

One of the primary reasons Facebook and all plastic surgeons’ social media becomes a black hole that swallows their time is because of lack of clear goals. Skipping from comment to comment randomly can quickly become an unproductive rabbit hole.

The way to avoid that time robber is to set clear goals and guidelines for how you will handle Facebook on a daily basis. That all starts by answering these basic questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • What do I need to focus on most right now?

If your greatest point of focus right now is finding new patients, then engage any Facebook follower expressing an interest in your practice first. If that takes 12 minutes use the last 3 minutes to engage other followers. If you have a new promotion feature on your Facebook Fan Page be sure and engage anyone responding to that promotion first.

Once you have a plan, it becomes much simpler to build a plan around what you should be doing on your Facebook Page. Think of it as building a social campaign around the goal in order to achieve it.

The 15 minutes per day Facebook plan

Update the Page status. Post something relevant about a promotion or informational piece your followers would find interesting or fun. Post a piece of trivia about yourself or someone on your staff. Announce the winner of a recent promotion. Honor an achievement realized by one of your patients. Keep it simple and personable. (Time allowed = 1 minute)

Add new blog posts, emails, videos, and photos the wall. This could be items you create or things you link to from other sources. For example, interviews with the staff, photos of your clinic, new or existing video clips. (Time allowed = 4 minutes)

Review your page’s news feed, take a few minutes to share relevant posts, and comment on posts and updates from the Pages you follow. (Time allowed = 4 minutes)

Review and respond to important comments. Not every comment requires a response but questions and concerns should always be addressed if time permits. (Time allowed = 4 minutes)

Share link to a Facebook exclusive to reward current followers and acquire new ones. Run a promotion on your page’s welcome tab where followers can enter for a special discount and a featured procedure. (Time allowed = 2 minutes)

15 minutes doesn’t sound like much but when budgeted and used wisely, this may be the most productive 15 minutes of public awareness in your busy week.

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