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Make Sure you Have a Quality List for your Medical Email Marketing

A saying we all learned somewhere along the way is “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” An email marketing campaign will only work as good as the list that drives it. That is why it is vitally important you make sure you have a quality list for your medical email marketing.

Why does the quality of your list matter? Most importantly, it matters because the quality of your email directly impacts deliverability of your emails. ISPs take notice when you continue to mail to addresses that have bounced. And they take even more notice when you get spam complaints from your recipients who are also their customers.

Your deliverability and reputation with your subscribers are profoundly intertwined. As a result building and maintaining a clean list is critical to keeping both on the right track!

7 Tips for Building a Quality List

1. Ask permission - Remember that an effective email list is one composed of people who know and want to hear from your organization. Always make sure you have explicit permission to mail to your contacts. This is not only an industry best practice; it’s also a very practical way to reduce your complaints and improve your deliverability. (A bigger list is not better if your recipients are ignoring your email and filing spam complaints.) If you haven’t been asking permission, now is the time to start.

2. Confirm your online sign ups - To avoid problems with online sign-ups, such as typographical errors or attacks in which a malicious person or program inputs bogus addresses, it’s a good idea to require confirmation before you add them to your list. This is usually done by having the sign-up trigger a confirmation email requiring the new list member to click on a link to confirm their subscription before they are added to your list.

3. Set expectations - Set clear expectations next to your sign-up box about what you will do with the address, including what kind of content you plan to send and how frequently you plan to send it.

4. Collect subscriber preferences - If it’s feasible, give your subscribers some control over what content types they’re interested in receiving and how often they’d like to hear from you. Many people unsubscribe from lists because they feel that the content isn’t relevant or they are getting mailings too frequently.

5. Start communicating right away - To help people remember that they opted in to your list, it’s a good idea to follow up promptly with a confirmation. Best practice is to respond with a welcome email that acknowledges that you’ve received their confirmed sign-up, introduces your organization, and reminds them of what content you’ll be sending to them.

6. Be consistent with your “from” name and address - To be easily recognizable, use the same “from” name and email address in all your mailings and make sure it clearly identifies your organization. Avoid using a personal name or email address that people may not associate with your organization.

7. Ask to be added to their “Contact” list - This quick step can help to ensure delivery and will see to it that images and links are enabled in your future messages. It also sends a signal to the ISP that your mail is wanted.

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