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SEO for Your Medical Practice is More than Keywords

The term Web 2.0 refers in general to the move away from static html to the moredynamic and interconnected universe of web pages, blogs, social media, and mobile apps. A major step in moving to the Doctor 2.0 level of Internet marketing is changing your perception of Search Engine Optimization. SEO for your medical practice is now much more than keywords alone.

Making the Connection between Social and SEO

Keywords are one piece of the puzzle when it comes to successful SEO. Backlinks are another critical component and that’s where social media comes into play in a major way. Social media builds links. In fact, robust Facebook and Twitter activity often produce more results than the best link building campaigns.

When your web site or blog gets a high volume of social shares, search engines equate that with three things:

  • Your site is fresh
  • Your site is active
  • Your site generates conversation
  • You are invested in your audience

A high volume of social media shares indicate that a significant share of Internet users are finding what they are looking for on your site and sharing links to that information with others.

Valuable Content = Viral Content

To push your social media shares to the next level you must embrace the idea of creating content that has the potential of “going viral”. By gaining a high volume of social shares, you boost your SEO signal and increase the value of the original content. Viral content is a winning proposition for both your brand and your search rankings.

This is the kind of content that has passion, is well written, strikes a chord, and turns casual readers into social media evangelists.

Nothing goes further in the social media world than passion and sincerity. And who nails this combination better than the patient who knows you made a difference in their quality of life? There is no stopping this person. Day in and day out, they remember to refer others to you. They tweet their friends, leave Facebook comments, send emails, post reviews, and leave comments on blogs.

What Makes Content go Viral?

One blogger noted, “Going viral is like a frog: easier to dissect than bring to life.” This is true, yet there are some content practices that when used with variety and consistency are much more likely to produce that breakout post that your followers just have to share with all of their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. In the coming days we will analyze some of these practices. For now, here are some of the kinds of posts that tend to create buzz and traffic:

1.  Manifestos

2. Controversies

3. Attention Grabbers

4. Guarantees

5.  Lists

6. Directories

7. Surveys

8. Quizzes

9. Pop Culture

10. Fun Videos

11.  Freebies

12.  Collaborations

13.  Amazing Stories

14.  Gotch’as

15.  Off-the-Wall but Informative

The key is to continuously work to tell your story in creative and varied ways.


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