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Maximize SEO for your Medical Practice With AdWords

Anyone who has used it much knows that Google AdWords provides a great return on investment. For a relatively small investment AdWords allows you to maximize the SEO for your Medical Practice Inbound Marketing exponentially.

Having a good understanding of Quality Score is critical to ensure your AdWords campaign is successful by reducing the amount you pay Google for clicks. The AdWords Quality Score is a key factor in the AdRank equation therefore it is important to understand exactly how it works.

AdRank (AdWords Page Position) = Bid x Quality Score

Here are Four Quality Score Facts that will help you understand AdRank and how AdWords works for you:

  • The most significant factor in determining a Quality Score is a keyword’s Click Through Rate (CTR). Almost as important is keyword relevancy. The relevancy factor is how well the KeyWord you are bidding on matches searchers’ queries.
  • Every keyword has a Quality Score. To view this score, select the QS option on the Google AdWords user interface. The Quality Score on is entirely independent from your Display Network Quality Score. That means low Click Through Rate (CTR) Display campaigns will not reduce the performance of your campaigns.
  • Bidding more to get a superior click-through-rate when you begin a campaign does not help you get a higher Quality Score early on. You are assigned an across the board average Quality Score when your campaign begins. CTRs are then normalized for each page position. This makes it so everyone is on a level playing field so that advertisers with larger budgets can’t cheat the system.
  • Adding keywords to each match type – Broad, “Phrase” & [Exact] match – will not create a higher Quality Score for the Keywords due to the higher CTR of some of the match types. All this does is create more work for you without corresponding results.

Should you Hire a Paid Click Through Service?

There are a number of companies out there that specialize in pay per click services. Should you decide to use one, insist on having live access to your Google account. It is essential you are able to monitor the bids being made and clicks being generated by your AdWords. Paid services often end up costing you far more than your bid should have cost. Here’s why:

AdWords is based on a bidding system. Whoever bids the highest is first, and so on. But, your bid and cost are two different things. You pay only one penny more than the next highest bid. If Doctor A bids 18.00 dollars a click, but Doctor B bids .35 cents a click, then Doctor A only pays .36 cents for the click. If Doctor B raises his bid to 1.00, then Doctor A pays 1.01. What they do as a company is they bid 18 dollars on your specific ad, knowing that the next bid below it is .35. They often will report to you they are bidding high for you while it actually costs them only .36 cents. Many independent studies have shown this sleight of hand ends up costing the end user as much as six (6) times more than the accepted bid.

Let Google Teach You Instead

Since Google makes money (and a lot of it) from AdWords, it makes sense they don’t want it to be difficult to use. You can find plenty of clear and concise help at For many medical professionals, Google’s AdWords Express makes things even easier. To learn more, click here for a brief video.

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