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Three Milestones in Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing

Regardless of what strategy you settle on for your plastic surgery Internet marketing, there are three milestones you must always achieve for consistent success.

Milestone #1: Get found

Potential clients have to find you before they can learn more about you. That may sound simplistic, but prospects finding you IS what plastic surgery Internet marketing is all about. Old marketing approaches sought to push visitors your way. Those methods work to some extent but are costly and produce a relatively low return on investment. Everything about your Internet marketing must be about providing ways for people who are already looking for the kind of service you provide to find you. People find you through …

  • Meaningful ContentContent can be just about anything: landing pages with special offers, blog posts, eBooks, and videos. Creating such content doesn’t have to be time consuming. Leverage the knowledge and information you already have and put it in a format that is readable and accessible to the average person.When it comes to content, sometimes less really is more. Better to have 3 short blog posts that provide quality information than a thousand-word post that visitors can’t use. Content only has value to potential prospects when it provides needed information. Valuable information becomes the first step in your authority being built in the minds of Internet visitors. Keep your content uncomplicated where they can find what they are looking for and know what to do with it once they find it.
  •  Optimized Content: Search engine optimization that enables Google and other search engines to find and recommend you is essential. No matter how valuable your content is, it must be accessible to search engines!
  • Promote the Content: Learn about tribe building and networking. Work on developing good email lists. Study AdWords. There is no need to create that winning content and not spend the time to make it known.

Milestone #2: Convert

Some kind of interaction has to occur in order to see your Internet visitors walk through the door of your practice.  This is the point where your plastic surgery Internet marketing will either succeed or fail. The key is to offer numerous and inviting ways for visitors to interact with you. These can include:

  • Webinars
  • eBooks
  • Feedback forms
  • Email opt-in subscriptions
  • Free literature
  • Coupons

Milestone #3: Analyze

The great thing about all of this Internet interaction is that it is measurable. Whether you use simple and free Google analytics tools or you contract with a third party that offers more sophisticated tracking, every prospect that interacts with you can be tracked.


Internet marketing offers a clear roadmap to success. Like anything, what you get out of it is proportional to what you put into it.  The commitment required regularly forces you to consider how to serve your patients better. It motivates you to keep aiming higher in your commitment to your field as you share your knowledge.

Are you doing what it takes to draw and convert people who are already looking for the benefits you deliver? It isn’t easy but reaching these milestones will make you successful while others waste their time searching for shortcuts that don’t exist.


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