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Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies – Google Ads

One of the most popular of plastic surgery marketing strategies is the use of Google Ads. Unfortunately, due to changes made by Google and lack of good ad planning by plastic surgeons, many of those ads do not convert into a single new patient.

There was a time you could purchase top positions for your Google ads thus ensuring they had high visibility. Those days are gone! Google now employs what it calls a quality score. If Google assigns your link a low quality score, you are punished with a lower rank for that ad you have already expended resources on. The result is an ad that gets buried where few prospects even see it.

Poorly Written Ads Get Buried

If you don’t write your Google Ads the right way, you can be spending thousands of dollars and not get one single new patient. They still work but it takes a little more thought and planning to get the return on investment you want.

Why Google Ads Fail to Convert

Imagine a potential patient seated in a lobby along with you and 10 of your most aggressive competitors.  Now imagine that patient standing and asking everyone in the room, “Tell me why I should choose YOUR PRACTICE in less than 16 words”

What would your answer be?

That scenario is played out every time you write a new Google Ad! The biggest mistakes made in placing Google Ads come from not choosing those few words wisely. Words are chosen that do not make web searchers want to click and visit that website. The right words added and the wrong ones eliminated make all the difference in the success of plastic surgery marketing strategies that include Google Ads.

How to Write a Google Ad That Works

There must be a strong, persuasive element to each word you choose. And, that includes the decision whether or not to include your name in the ad.  In fact, wasting space with your name or your practice’s name is one of the most common and wasteful mistakes in placing a Google Ad.  Consider these two examples of ads if someone was searching Dallas Plastic Surgeons.

First Ad:

Jones Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Raymond Jones offers cosmetic procedures for body, breast & face

Second Ad:

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery
“Only Breasts; Only Superior Results in San Diego”
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Break down the ads …

  • Ad #1 forgot the single most important part of any ad – the headline. Your name is not a headline and therefore is wasted space.
  • Ad #1 offers no reason to choose its plastic surgeon from any other plastic surgeon. It’s too generic. Everyone offers cosmetic procedures for body, breast & face
  • Ad #2 tells people what makes this plastic surgeon different. It also eliminates people who aren’t looking for breast augmentation. Conversely, it sets itself apart for those who are looking for such procedures.
  • Ad #2 used the word San Diego twice and emphasizes it in bold. This ensures that someone looking for a plastic surgeon in San Diego knows this is the link to click.

The Bottom Line

Google Ads do work but there has to be some work put into them to make that happen. The key is to set the ad apart in some way. Ask a few questions about your practice. What is your specialty? What sets you apart? What do you want to emphasize? The answers to these questions should then be your guide to writing that Google Ad that gets seen and converts Internet searches into web site visitors.

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