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Make your Plastic Surgery Advertising a Holiday Affair

There are a number of reasons to do something special with your plastic surgery advertising during the holidays. Just as people tend to become more body conscious in late spring, cooler weather means Thanksgiving, Christmas and the arrival of many social gatherings. Consumers, including those seeking cosmetic procedures, are attuned to the seasons.

That means you should adapt your plastic surgery advertising to fit the coming holiday season. Medical professionals who are committed to an aggressive online marketing strategy understand these are the times they need to fine-tune their target focus in order to achieve the most cost efficient and successful use of the Internet marketing efforts.

People are in the Giving Mood

During the holiday season people are already in the purchasing and giving mood. It has become increasingly popular to give something a little different that pampers the recipient. More and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery treatments (Botox injections and others) as gifts for that special person in their life. You need to leverage your existing Internet presence to take advantage of this opportunity.

Be Creative

When considering seasonal advertising, look to the consumer giants like department stores and the big box electronics stores for marketing strategies and ideas. Smart plastic surgeons think of advertising their services in the same light as any form of focused advertising. Consumers are overwhelmed with information on a regular basis and the holidays offer an opportunity to present fresh information that stands out from the routine. Here are some ways to make your plastic surgery advertising a holiday affair.

  • Change your Web Site’s Home Page: Highlight a special procedure with holiday graphics. Everyone is sprucing up their homes and decorating for the occasion, so be sure and join in. 
  • Consider a Subdomain or New URL aimed directly at the Holiday: You might want to have a special page titled something like DrPlasticSurgeon/Holidays. Or, for less than $20 a year you can have an entire new domain or a microsite aimed only at the holidays. A microsite is a limited series of pages completely separate from your regular web site that targets a very specific audience. Use the holidays and a microsite to target a new demographic.
  • Put Some Ribbon on that Facebook Business Page: Many clinics have open houses during the holidays. Why not advertise one on Facebook. Have a coupon for a free consultation or savings on a popular treatment that is only available on the Facebook Business Page.
  • Introduce a New Procedure: In marketing, timing is everything. There is a good reason all the new computers, televisions, and other electronics are introduced just before Christmas. Consumers are in the buying and giving mood and it is the best time to make the greatest impact for something new.

The ultimate goal of all Internet marketing is to increase the visibility of your practice. The holidays are a time when people expect everything to be more visible. Bold autumn and bright winter colors should be taken advantage of to remind prospective clients that cosmetic surgery is a great idea of the holidays.



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