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Why Email Marketing for Plastic Surgery Still Works

Remember when e-mail was the next big thing and everyone began using e-mail blasts as their preferred way to connect with potential clients? It might be wise to quit putting that in the past tense because e-mail marketing for plastic surgery still works. In fact, amidst the flood of social media channels, targeted email may be the single most effective way to ensure connecting with patients and potential patients.

Forbes Media conducted the Ad Effectiveness Survey in March of 2009 in which it found e-mail marketing was a close second to SEO when it came to generating conversions. Another study in the same year by the Direct Marketing Association showed that e-mail out-performed every other form of direct marketing.

Here are a few reasons you should give e-mail a bigger role in your Internet marketing strategy.

Most Inclusive Strategy Available

Social media is indeed hot and should be a major part of your Internet marketing strategy. As of 2011, Facebook has 800 million active users followed by Twitter with over 100 million active users. But, even by the most conservative estimates, the number of active e-mail users is triple that. Almost everyone has an e-mail address and thus is accessible through that medium.

Narrowly Targeted

An e-mail list can be segmented by a number of factors including geographic location, income, gender, age, marital status, and time of year. Targeted e-mailing eliminates much of the guesswork that causes other marketing methods to be inefficient.

Active Rather than Passive

Many plastic surgeons start out promoting their practice through phone directory ads, billboards, and direct mailings. Over time, many also notice these efforts have diminishing returns. The reason is that all of these are passive. Potential clients must happen upon them in order to see them. When carefully designed and executed, targeted e-mails end up where those people are already looking - their e-mail in-box. And, unlike direct mail or even the phone book, email gives those potential clients opportunity to contact you with little effort on their part. One click of a mouse is all that is needed to respond.

Immediate and Measurable Data

E-mail marketing for plastic surgery offers immediate and measurable data to build upon. Reports of an e-mail campaign can be monitored weekly or daily to determine what is working and what is not. Split tests offer a way to measure the effectiveness of campaigns by sending one version to one set of e-mail leads and another version to a second set of leads.


The goal of all Internet marketing is to build relationships with as broad a base of prospects as possible. E-mail marketing accomplishes this by bringing your target audience information they are looking for.  It is a perfect way to engage that audience and keep it engaged.

Low Investment – High ROI

Advertising requires a huge budget and major up-front investment with results that may not be realized for long periods of time. E-mail marketing involves limited up-front costs, enabling you to market efficiently and measure your return on investment quickly and accurately.

It Works

The bottom line is that email marketing for plastic surgery still works. Direct Marketing Association research revealed that e-mail marketing generated a ROI of $43.62 for every dollar budgeted to it in 2009. Any other form of direct advertising would be hard pressed to produce those kinds of numbers.

When carried out correctly, e-mail marketing enables you to remain visible to patients and prospects through targeted messages with minimal costs with the additional benefit of measurable results. Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and an excellent web site with great content are all effective. But it would be a mistake to think e-mail no longer belongs in your internet marketing medical bag.


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