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Advertising Plastic Surgery through Google Places

One of the beauties of Internet marketing is that it doesn’t look like traditional advertising to end users. Google Places, for example, provides a channel for advertising plastic surgery that presents itself as a service to someone doing a search on the Internet.

Why Use Google Places?

When it comes to advertising plastic surgery local searches are what matter most. More people than ever are actively searching online for medical professionals and services and this is one way to make sure they find you. Listing your practice with Google Places greatly increases your position in search results as well as providing an easy way to edit your information in one place and view how many people have clicked on your listing. A listing on Google Places also makes it easy for clients to find you at Google Maps.  This is a great advantage since most smartphones now incorporate Google Maps meaning people can use their phones to easily locate your practice.

Some Basics

Found on the left-hand column of a Google search results page, Places is a unique search type.  When someone searches on Google, Places associated with their search criteria show up as a part of the normal search pane. And, Google Places always show up on the first page of searches making them more prominent. If you have been noticing your practice getting bumped off the first page of search results it is probably because other plastic surgeons in your local search area have positioned themselves through the use of Google Places. The result is all of your great SEO tactics going to waste.

Features of Google Places

Low Cost Advertising – For $25 per month your practice listing is highlighted in Google search results and in Google Maps. These yellow tags don’t guarantee higher page rankings but do ensure your practice is set apart from other plastic surgeons who are not taking advantage of Google Places.

Business Photos – Google offers free virtual photo galleries in selected cities giving you yet another way to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Real-time Advertising: If you want to gauge the effectiveness of Google Places, try a coupon or limited-time feature advertised through Google Places. Searches won’t even have to click on you link to see the special offer. You can also format these specials for mobile phones.

Analytics – Google Places provides a personalized dashboard that reveals a variety of important details about searches that found you through Google including:

  • Total number of searches that discovered you through Google
  • Keywords used to find you
  • The area in which people searching for you live

The analytics dashboard enables you to learn more about how to use the Google Places features to effectively make sound decisions as to how to be found in searches and actively interact with your patients.

Google Places is simple to use, inexpensive and offers the kind of direct and timely results every medical professional looks and hopes for in web marketing but rarely realizes.




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