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Marketing Physicians Make Inbound Marketing Work

There was a time when many physicians thought of marketing as something for retail establishments but not a medical practice. But, with the advent of social media the line between advertising and conversation has all but been erased. Patients who post reviews or tweet about you and your practice have moved marketing to a venue that simply cannot be ignored.  As a result, medical professionals must move from thinking of themselves as physicians who happen to market to marketing physicians.

We see evidence of this right here on our blog. Some of our most requested resources are our ebooks for helping physicians market their practice online such as our Email Marketing ebook, our Patient Lead Generation ebook, and our Healthcare Social Media ebook

Becoming a marketing physician through social media requires a completely different mindset from face-to-face doctor-patient interaction. Traditional relationships involve a patient gaining a sense of trust in his physician through personal contact. Much of inbound internet marketing occurs before you have had any personal contact with a potential patient and therefore requires having the big-picture about how marketing physicians succeed.

The Really Big Picture

The pool of potential clients who might be attracted to your practice is only limited by the distance someone is willing to travel for a consultation and how big you are willing to think.  Big picture internet marketing begins with recognizing the size of the pool of potential clients your site has to draw from. Rather than convincing people to search for them, marketing physicians understand there is an ever-increasing number of people already searching for information about the very services they already provide.

Inbound internet marketers recognize the immense size of that pool and uses every tool available to increase the odds that people in that pool find them. Those tools include things like:

  • SEO – Optimizing your content to ensure your practice has the best chance of being noticed amidst the sea of other physicians and practices.
  • Social Media: Facebook Pages Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks.
  • Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Google Ads, and pay-per-click methods to draw the attention of people in that big pool.

Narrowing Things Down

A good number of cosmetic surgeons and other medical professionals have caught on to SEO and social media. However, when it comes to capturing the attention of people that find them through searches, social media and other methods, things often begin to break down.  There is a critical stage in Inbound Marketing where a prospective client either begins to feel you may indeed be the person to seek or decide they would just as soon look elsewhere.  Much hard work goes into attracting people from that huge pool of possible clients but then inadequate steps are taken to maximize those efforts.

A prospective client’s willingness to call your practice is often determined by what she finds after clicking that link that lead in some way to your name. Internet shoppers, including those searching for the services of a plastic surgeon, have limited patience and will quickly move on if they don’t perceive immediate significance in what they are presented with. On top of that, inbound marketing allows for few second chances once a new visitor to your site leaves.  Because of this it is crucial to take the time and effort to plan this mid-way point of internet marketing carefully. Every tool used to keep these visitors requires the best content and presentation possible.

  • Form capture
  • Autoresponders
  • Landing pages - Facebook Business Page, etc…
  • Targeted email

The Pay Off

Marketing Physicians see this big picture and understand how important it is to provide quality content, calls to action, and other means that give visitors a reason to remain on their site and introduce themselves. When Inbound Marketing is done right the ultimate result will be new clients sitting in front of you.

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