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Staying Current with Plastic Surgery SEO

Successful medical professionals know that staying current in their field is essential because medical techniques and technology are constantly evolving. Online marketing is never at a stand-still so your internet marketing strategies must constantly be improved upon as well.

The main factor that requires continually reviewing and revising your plastic surgery SEO strategy is that major search engine’s ranking algorithms are in a constant state of change. Trusting in a book written two years ago for SEO strategies is equivalent to using a medical manual from the 1800s as a modern guide to plastic surgery. Here are just a few of the current trends seen in improved SEO rankings.

  • Site Speed – Google now places web site load time as a major consideration in computing page rankings. This means minimizing things that clutter your site such as flash and other non-optimized graphics. That doesn’t mean you have to do away with these but rather use them sparingly and placed for the greatest impact.
  • Online Video - Why a video goes viral is sometimes hard to predict or understand. Consider creating a separate video blog that focuses on two or three quality videos about your practice. Don’t overlook light-hearted clips of staff or willing clients.
  • Social Media – Google also places heavy emphasis on track backs and other links to your web site or blog from social media sources. The potential traffic from sources like Facebook and Twitter is immense so don’t forget to think SEO when adding to your Facebook Business Page and even your Tweets.
  • Think Mobile – In weeks to come we will examine trends in mobile internet marketing. For now, understand that more and more people are finding your information in what were considered non-traditional methods less than a year ago.

Your content must also evolve to keep up with innovations in improving SEO strategies. Some of these strategies are common sense items yet are often overlooked. Information glut causes people to scan web content at an ever increasing rate. A basic understanding of the kind of headlines that work in web content and creative formatting will go a long way in keeping eyes on your content longer.

Relevant and Up-to-Date Content is the engine that keeps your Inbound Marketing engine running efficiently and productively. Staying current with sound Plastic Surgery SEO techniques is the oil that ensures the engine keeps on running smoothly. As already stated, this is essential with any kind of content you create for internet consumption.

Blogs –It is essential to ensure that every blog you spend time and money on is fully optimized.  A number of great free plug-ins for blog services like WordPress are available to ensure your blogs are optimized to draw people searching for information that is already on your site.

Tweets – Key words are even more significant in Tweets because of that 140 character window of opportunity.

Landing Pages – Facebook landing pages and mini web sites should certainly be optimized for SEO.  Spend extra time making these as Search Engine Optimized as possible because they are the first places many searchers will find you.

Something you can do on a regular basis to stay current is to look at yourself. No one should have looked at your site more than you! Do Google, Yahoo and Bing searches weekly for services you provide. Do local searches and see where you are ranked for the day, week and month.  By becoming a student of your own internet marketing efforts you will naturally begin to see ways you can improve.

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