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Who’s the Best in Plastic Surgery SEO

Today we released our first Who’s the Best in Plastic Surgery SEO Report we plan to make this report a regular feature here on our MDWebPro blog with updated data every quarter.

For this report we searched on Google for the Top 10 Plastic Surgery search phrases by volume in each of the top 200 metropolitan areas in the U.S..  What that means is we ran 10 searches (1 for each of the top phrases) times 200 major metropolitan areas (2,000 searches on Google) and recorded the results from each search.

We then ranked all the plastic surgery sites by:

  1. Qty of #1 listings on Google
  2. Qty of top 3 listings on Google
  3. Qty of top 5 listings on Google
  4. Qty of page 1 listings on Google
  5. Qty of links to the domain
  6. SEOmoz Domain Authority a metric of domain trust and popularity

Numbers 1-4 above we combined into our ‘MDWebPro Rank’ metric which is the order in which the report displays by default.

We can then “discover” which plastic surgery website ranks the best in their area for the top plastic surgery terms.  And we now know who is doing the best job of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) across all the plastic surgery websites.

So Who is the Best?

We are going to declare 3 winners based on the report data.  The winners will come from 3 cateories:

  1. Consistently outranking the competition
  2. Most links pointing to their domain
  3. Highest SEOmoz Domain Authority

The winner in category 1 ‘Consistently outranking the competition‘ is Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads with an MDWebPro rank of 1,230,001,010,201,000 or in human terms

  • 12 #1 rankings
  • 15 Top 3 rankings
  • 15 Top 5 rankings
  • 19 Top 10 rankings

Now is located in Newport News, VA — not exactly the most competitive market in the U.S. but they closed with a score 3.5 times stronger than their nearest competitor — indicating they truly do own their market.

Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads

The prize for 1st place in category 2 ‘Most links pointing to their domain‘ goes to Steven Teitelbaum with 237,642 links pointing to their domain.

It is very interesting that with all those links, Dr. Teitelbaum only has 1 listings in the top 10.  This is because his address is in Santa Monica which is not in our list of the top 200 metro areas.  The 1 ranking he did receive was for ‘breast augmentation los angeles’

First place in our 3rd category Highest SEOmoz Domain Authority is with a Domain Authority of 68!

What is interesting about this result is that doesn’t have a single #1 listing.

What this shows is that even with an incredibly strong domain, you still need to target the right phrases to get results.  Search Engine Optimization isn’t an either or situation.  You need a good strategy and good execution to see the traffic results on your site.

How this report can help you

Knowing your competition.  Even if you aren’t the top site in your region, now you know which site is the top site.  This information will give you a large advantage when determining your own SEO strategy and can give you some ideas on what is working.

Who’s on the move? This first report will give us a nice baseline to compare against in future reports.  What this means is that you will be able to see not only which site is the best but also which of your competition is on the move — another great indicator of who to watch to learn what is working.

Where to get links?  Looking for links to build your own site’s authority and rankings?  Now you can see which sites in plastic surgery are the most authoritative and which should be on the top of your list for link targets.

Those are some of our top ideas on how to use this data.  If you think of other uses, let us know in the comments below.

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