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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Directing the Conversation in Advertising Cosmetic Surgery

In recent history, advertising cosmetic surgery or any kind of medical procedure for that matter was considered suspect among both physicians and the general public. Instead, physicians relied on word-of-mouth referrals in order to add to their patient base and … Continue reading

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Automate your Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Every medical professional needs a way to connect with potential patients and ways to accomplish that without making life any busier than it already is. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels are great ways to connect but using … Continue reading

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Empower your Botox Marketing Campaign with Superior Content

A few years ago all a cosmetic surgeon needed to launch an effective Botox marketing campaign was making it known that treatments were available. Then, medical professionals turned to Internet marketing and all that was required was adding a web page about … Continue reading

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Correcting Problems with your Plastic Surgery Marketing

Most of the problems with plastic surgery marketing will correct themselves once you ensure you have done the basics right and remained true to them. When internet marketing breaks down it is almost always because at least one of the … Continue reading

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Four Steps to Getting the Most Out of Patient Leads

So you’ve done the hard work of coming up with an internet inbound marketing strategy, launched a top drawer social media campaign, patient leads are pouring, and now you wait for the effort to pay off. Unfortunately, you may be … Continue reading

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Ideas for Cosmetic Surgeon Newsletters

Newsletters, like regular blog posts, can be a two-edged sword for a busy medical practice. As a result office staff and plastic surgeons often find themselves struggling to find new ideas for cosmetic newsletters. Part of the problem is that … Continue reading

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Advertising Plastic Surgery through Google Places

One of the beauties of Internet marketing is that it doesn’t look like traditional advertising to end users. Google Places, for example, provides a channel for advertising plastic surgery that presents itself as a service to someone doing a search … Continue reading

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Become Proactive about Patient Reviews of Doctors

Over the past several years there has been a virtual explosion in the presence and popularity of review websites that offer a platform for patrons and patients to leave comments about everything from coffee shops to colonoscopies. Many medical professionals … Continue reading

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Advertising for Physicians through Inbound Marketing

For a number of years medical professionals resisted the idea of advertising for physicians. As little as ten years ago professional publications often reported surveys in which the majority of doctors felt it diminished the public’s perception of physicians and … Continue reading

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Medical Website Design

We receive a lot of requests for medical website design.  Often these requests are sparked by a clinic comparing their site visually to the competitors sites and finding that their site is lacking in design and/or content.  And occasionally the … Continue reading

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