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Too much time and effort goes into creating a great web site and all else involved in a social media campaign to not be proactive in monitoring its effectiveness. A major indicator to watch is how well you are converting traffic. Traffic conversion refers to getting your visitors (web site, blog, Facebook Business Page, Twitter) to click on the links you want them to click on.

Conversions show up in many ways. It may be someone clicking on an adsense link or some other pay per click link. A visitor to your Facebook page who clicks on a link to your main web site is a conversion. The same goes for those who join mailing lists or click a link to receive a special offer coupon. And for you as a Plastic Surgeon, the ultimate conversion is the people who fill out their new patient form and check they heard about you through your web page, blog, or some other social media channel.  Regardless of how it happens, the bottom line is that you need to convert traffic.

It Starts With Monitoring Your Traffic

The only professionals who fail to understand why their social media efforts do not produce better are those who either aren’t taking the time or don’t know how to accurately monitor their traffic. That requires getting inside the head of your followers and discerning what they are searching for and what makes them look for that information. A tool like Google Analytics can help you see these patterns and give you some idea of how to place links on your pages. Monitoring your traffic this way will help you answer some important questions.

  • What did visitors do once on your site?
  • How did they get to your site?
  • Did they use certain keywords?
  • Did they find you using an article you had written?

By answering those key questions you may discover some assumptions you have made about your social media efforts were wrong. It may be as simple as realizing a link you wanted people to click doesn’t make it plain enough what you wanted them to do. It may show your “call to actions” need to be relocated or replicated on other parts of your web site.

Too much time and effort goes into creating a great web site and all else involved in a social media campaign to not be proactive in monitoring its effectiveness.

Do a Split Test

A quick and simple way to determine what works best at converting traffic is to do some split testing. Try two different things on a webpage that present the same call to action and monitor which one generates the most hits. Here is an example of split test any plastic surgeon can try with little effort. In the test you want to promote a special for first time visitors to your clinic with some kind of coupon. Try linking to that coupon two different ways on the same page.

  • Link One: A high profile graphic on a sidebar of your blog.
  • Link Two: A text link in the first sentence of the article on the same page.

Using a tool like Google Analytics, you can then monitor the percentage of clicks for each link. Be sure and run the same test several times before drawing final conclusions.

Learn from your Competitors

Check out the Pay Per Clicks ads on Google that use the same keywords you want to.  If some of your competitors are getting better results with the same keywords there is a good chance they are doing something different than you. Go to their site and see how they positioned those key words on their pages. What can you learn from these?

By monitoring your traffic with these two simple techniques on a regular basis and making adjustments accordingly you will soon find your results improving.

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