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How Can a Plastic Surgeon Determine the Value of Social Media?

There is no doubt that social media is here to stay. Its share of people’s attention is growing exponentially. But, when it comes to your social media efforts, is that attention translating into true potential clients, new clients and more satisfied current clients? As much as we analyze statistics of email campaigns, likes and shares on Facebook, and Retweets on Twitter, it is still sometimes difficult to quantify how effective those really are.

A recent scientific survey by Synscape may just help you get a better handle on how to gauge the real value of your social media efforts. In this study several types of followers of social media and which should be valued most were identified. Here are those findings by type of follower and the percentage of total social media audience they comprise.

  • Abstainer (13.2%) – Do not actively participate in social networking.
  • Lurker (19.7%) - Read blogs and online discussion forums and follow friends and family discussions and updates on social networks.
  • Participant (28.4%) - Maintain and update profiles on social networking sites.
  • Engager (24.9%) – Engage brands and interest groups in collaborative discussions on social networks, blogs and online discussion forums.
  • Producer (13.7%) – Create and distributes new content through social networks, blogs and online discussion forums.

The Synscape survey garnered some interesting input from each of these groups. While Participants and Engagers share three times the total followers as Producers, they are not the groups you will get your greatest return on investment from!

Producers create their own content and drive their own discussions. And many plastic surgeons would be surprised how many producers there are among their existing clientele. You can greatly multiply the value of social media efforts by identifying those in your network of clients and friends who are already blogging, managing web forums and otherwise producing through social media. These are the people that can link back to your content, mention you in forums and otherwise become willing partners in spreading your brand.

It goes without saying that positive recommendations from trusted sources can provide a substantial lift to a brand’s reputation and a consumer’s likelihood to purchase. This data demonstrates that social media forums are gaining significant traction as a source of trusted recommendations. (Synscape)

The truth is, return on investment is hard to quantify in social media. But by focusing on those who believe in the medium and use it effectively you can ensure getting the most for your time and budget.

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