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Four Indicators of Success in a Plastic Surgeon’s Web Presence

As a plastic surgeon you have certain criteria by which you gauge the success of each cosmetic procedure. The result of your work is measurable based on what you wanted to accomplish, your patient’s expectations and how well you met both. So how do you measure the success of your web presence? That comes from obtaining a simple diagnostic tool and learning which benchmarks to watch.

There are number of diagnostic tools available and what you choose depends on how steep a learning curve you are willing to take in learning to use them. Google Analytics is an obvious choice but there are some worthy competitors to consider. Feedjit Pro is a web based service that costs less than $10 per month. As with Google Analytics, you simply paste a small piece of code into your home page or blog that will yield a wealth of information about the visiting habits of your followers.

An added feature of Feedjit is that with it you can create a sidebar banner on your site that displays visitors in real time. Using either of these tools, you can get a snapshot of your traffic and make decisions about what needs to be improved or added. Here are some of the measuring sticks that these tools give you.

Absolute Unique Visitors

A site that proudly displays the number of hits it has had over the past month or year is insulting to any savvy web user’s intelligence. Hits and even page views can be misleading as to how many different people are actually using your site. An Absolute Unique Visitor, on the other hand, reflects a visitor who has visited your site in the last 24 hours. They are only counted once during that period of time regardless of how many times they may have returned to your site during that period. There is no better indicator as to the continuing progress of your site than the number of absolute unique visitors.

New and Returning Visits

A consistently successful site is one that has a good balance between new and returning visits. If an article you posted begins to show a significant drop in new visits perhaps you should repurpose it in an email campaign to breathe some new life back into it. Target potential clients that may have only recently been introduced to your site but are unaware of that great article you posted three months ago.


This measurement can be a bit deceiving until you understand it. A bounce is considered a visitor that came to your site and did go any farther than the first page they landed on. If you are consistently showing a bounce rate of above 65% you may need to look for ways to get visitors to click into other parts of your site.

Visitor Recency

Feedjit Pro produces a graph that gives you a snapshot of how often visitors are returning to your site. A growing core group of regular visitors is the best indicator that your social media campaign is gaining traction. In politics these would be called the base – those loyal voters who will always cast their ballot for their candidate and encourage other to do also. A successful site will have a high percentage of visitors returning every few days. These are the most likely to convert into clients of your practice and invite others to do so as well.

There are many more items that can be measured in web traffic but these four serve to give the quickest and most concise answers as to how well your site is doing.

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