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Five Facts about Content No Plastic Surgeon Should Ignore

1.  You Can’t Say it Too Many Ways

Few people assimilate content in only one way. Multiple studies consistently show that people learn best when a variety of methods are used to present the same information. Some people are more visual than auditory. Other are better reached through written information they can analyze. But regardless of individual differences, all people embrace information best when it is presented on multiples levels. This is why great content is more than text. It is a combination of written (visual) and aural (auditory).

Your content will get more attention if you offer people multiple formats by which they can consume it.

2.  Everyone Views Content through Selective Attention

A term from neuroscience is “reticular activating system.” RAS has to do with the concept of selective attention, meaning we naturally gravitate toward information or ideas that we are invested in. This is illustrated by what happens amidst the den of jumbled conversations in a crowded room. For some time you process nothing from the conversation outside your immediate sphere until someone mentions your name or something that is meaningful to you. Suddenly, that conversation has our brains interest and thus ours.

Think of the internet like a giant network of muddled conversations. Your task is to write about topics and use keywords raise the RAS factor for visitors. Adults, in particular, are much more interested in content that addresses an immediate problem or need. If you want your social media content to be heard amidst the jumble of competing content, target a specific audience. The more relevant your content is to that group of people, the greater attention it will receive.

Once you have captured that group the process of organic growth of your internet presence takes off. That loyal group of followers will spread the word through social media in ways you have neither the time nor resources to accomplish.

3.  Everyone is Emotional

No matter what some men may tell you, it is just women who employ their emotions in making decisions. Everyone does to one degree or other. People respond more strongly to content that has some degree of narrative. Emotion doesn’t mean there is no need for logical presentation that follows some sequence of ideas. But logical without narrative is one dimensional and seldom motivates anyone to invest themselves in what you have to say.

When writing you content sites, include case studies or examples of how your ideas have been applied successfully. People remember and are more likely to share narratives better than a series of facts.

4.  When it comes to Content, Familiarity does not Breed Contempt

The only time this principle falls apart is if your content isn’t worth reading or offensive. A number of studies show the more exposure we have to a concept or person, the more we are likely to embrace them. When it comes to your content, that means you need to find ways to spread a wide net with your content. Get it out there in as many places and forms as possible. As people see you “everywhere,” they begin to pay more attention. As they pay more attention, you become more familiar. As you become more familiar, they like you more. People naturally want a medical professional they like.

5. People Don’t Have to Know You to Trust You

Social decision-making is a reality more than ever. People do this is by asking questions of their social group. Review sites like (and other review sites) taps into the wisdom of the crowds, to help visitors make better decisions about where to eat and where to shop. In fact, a study by Jupiter Research shows that at least 50% of people consult a blog before making a purchase.

That means people are increasingly making major decisions based on the wisdom of people they have never met and don’t really know. This has major implications for the power of a well written blog. As a Plastic Surgeon you need to position yourself as an expert resource for potential and existing clients. When you do this effectively, clients are more likely to trust, and take action on, your recommendations. When your potential clients are ready to make a decision, you want them to think of you as the best solution.

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