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Facebook Content that Works

Hopefully no one still has to try and convince you of the value of Facebook in your overall social media strategy. With just over half a billion users and an interface anyone can use many Plastic Surgeons have signed up and even built a Facebook business page. However, many medical professionals are still unsure of how to fully leverage Facebook as a marketing tool.

If you are randomly posting comments on Facebook and don’t have a strategy for posting content that works you are probably not getting much return on your efforts. You need to strategically post content at optimum times and ways to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns.

Don’t Write a Book – People Won’t Read It

Facebook messages can be quite long but studies show that short, concise posts are the key to marketing success when posting comments. Think Twitter and keep your comments on Facebook around that length with no abbreviations.  You need to remember to make your copy as concise as possible. People are busy and while they may take the time to read a long status comment from a long lost friend, they will not give you the same attention.

Though you need to keep your comments short, surveys of frequent Facebook users reveal that shortened URLs are to be avoided. These are necessary in Twitter messages and expected. People just discovering you on Facebook are less likely to click on shortened links because they don’t know where they will be taken. Full-length URLs have an engagement rate that is threefold greater that shortened URLs.

There is a way around this however. Services like allow some customization of a shortened link. This means you can put a shortened link in your content while maintaining an appearance that lets users know where they are headed when they click on that link. For example: augmentation
becomes augmentation

Timing Means Everything

Most practices post content on Facebook through their regular office hours rather than at night or weekends. Research, however, shows that content posted in those off hours have a 20% higher engagement rate. A study by Buddy Media emphasizes this importance.

This reflects the importance of having a post appear at the top of fans’ News Feeds during the times of day they are most likely checking their Facebook Pages. By posting within business hours, brands miss the critical opportunity to get the visibility they need for maximum engagement. So, schedule posts to appear early in the morning or late at night. Don’t publish posts simply because you’re in front of the computer.

Don’t Complicate Things

Posting meaningful and effective content to Facebook doesn’t have to be that complicated. Since the comments need to be short a good idea is to have ten comments ready as the week begins. All you have to do then is post 2 of these a day during the work week, one early in the morning and one later at night. Don’t forget to have a couple for the weekend as well. With iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and a world of other mobile devices these posts can be made from wherever you happen to be.

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2 Responses to Facebook Content that Works

  1. Melanie says:

    I'm an intern at a non-profit organization and I'm trying to figure out what the best way is to utilize our facebook page, specifically dealing with scheduling posts. We currently use HootSuite and there's no way to post using full length URLs. Right now, I'm considering dropping HootSuite and just having this task fall to the intern to do manually, but as your article says, people are more likely to engage early in the morning/in the evenings (after work hours, when the intern is not at the office). Do you have any suggestions for a service that allows longer URLs to be pre-scheduled?

    • mohmann says:

      Melanie, what is your reason for wanting longer URLs? Generally shortened urls off more benefits when considering the ability to track clicks on the URL and include more text in your FB post or Tweet.

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