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The Plastic Surgeon and Content Strategy

If you have been working to improve your plastic surgery social medial presence for very long at all you have probably heard more than one person say, “Content is King.” While practically everyone agrees with that premise, the number of sites with no meaningful content continues to multiply exponentially.  This isn’t because most professionals don’t have anything meaningful to say but because they have no real cohesive content strategy.

Google no longer pays much attention at all to the old tricks of creating empty copy loaded with META tags of keywords and descriptions. Search engines now crawl your whole web site, examining every word of content to generate search matches. For that reason alone, everyone needs a plan for content that will create matches. Valuable content also leads to other websites linking to that content. Links to your content produces more visitors, visibility and authority — which boosts your ranking on Google.

The reason for a content strategy, however, runs deeper than search engine optimization. The main reason for having good content is because it offers value to your visitors. Not only does it benefit the clients you are promising to offer a service to but it gives visitors a reason to return often and recommend you to others beyond your initial reach.

As a plastic surgeon it would be wise for you to sit down with your staff and lay out a comprehensive content strategy. This doesn’t have to be complicated.  Consider this outline as a skeleton of what your final content strategy might look at.

  • Vehicles – What channels are you going to use to get the message of your practice to the public? What you communicate through Facebook, your blog or web site, Twitter and other channels needs to be well thought out.
  • Voice – Writers often talk about their voice. Robert Ludlum’s style of writing, for example, is distinctive from John Grisham’s.  In the same way, your content needs a consistency of voice. As a medical professional you should generally strive for a tone that is professional without being too formal. But most importantly, be yourself.
  • Schedule – Create a content calendar that is workable for you. For example, you may want to Tweet daily, post a new blog entry three times a week, and update your Facebook page twice a week. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Quality and consistency is the key.
  • Engagement – It does no good to create great content, work to encourage followers to read that content, see them respond but then not follow up. You need to have a plan to respond to every e-mail, tweet direct message, blog comment, and form entry that comes your way. It isn’t necessary to respond immediately but you should have a few minutes set aside every day to engage those who are visiting your site.

With the plethora of SEO tools and other aids available, it can be easy to allow them to become crutches and overlook weak content. Poor content with great SEO might bring you first time visitors but it will not create a following. Think of good optimization for poor content like that last restaurant you visited because of the commercials you saw. Then you visited and everything changed; the only thing worse than the poor service was the horrible food.

Content really is king so take the time to create a strategy for producing the best content you can on the most consistent basis possible. This is what creates a loyal following.

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