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Anatomy of a Powerful Plastic Surgery Email Campaign

A well designed email campaign may require a lot less extra work than most plastic surgeons think. For most busy professionals, email marketing is a paradox: they know they need it to produce more clients yet they are too busy with current clients to do a good job with it. This simple and powerful plan will help resolve that apparent contradiction.

Pick a series of blog posts you have already used and release them over several weeks as an email campaign. You’ve already done the hard work and little time will be required to reformat these for an effective and attractive HTML email. The best way to do this is by what is called a “drip campaign.”  Drip campaigns are an effective way to educate new leads in an automated and consistent manner. A few rules to remember will make this kind of email campaign most effective.

  • Don’t Drip to Fast – Spacing is important. An email from you every day is likely to land you in the spam folder. An email every three months is more likely to never be seen in the first place. If you have four blog posts that would make a good series of emails, try one per week for a month.
  • Be Informative Rather than Promotional – Coming across like an advertisement that won’t go away is very likely to annoy and cause a recipient to stamp SPAM all over your email. As in all social media, provide content with value.
  • Monitor Activity – This is one of the best reasons to use a good email service is to manage your campaigns. Because you can monitor how many people are actually reading your campaign and how many have responded as a result, you can make mid-stream adjustments if needed.
  • Have a Follow-Up Plan – Don’t wait a month to see how things are going. Have auto responders in place at the beginning, alert your staff about the subject of the campaign and be prepared to respond personally to enquiries.

Revitalize Blog and Web Traffic

One of the perks of a well-designed email campaign is that it can bring visitors to your sites through channels that have begun to dry up.  Maybe you ran a great series of blog posts but later realized it was the wrong time of the year. Take those blog posts and run them verbatim as an email campaign. Instead of using the entire post use the first half in the email and add a “learn more” link back to the complete article on your blog. It works!

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