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6 Reasons Email Marketing Is Still a Must for Plastic Surgeons

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Though that saying has been attributed to various people, it is most likely the original speaker of those words was Mark Twain. If Twain lived today, he would undoubtedly repeat them about email marketing.
Plastic surgeons are catching on to the power of various types of social media including Facebook landing pages, blogs and Twitter. Unfortunately some have bought into the rumor of emails demise and are missing the greatest single tool in their marketing arsenal for client retention. Marketing to people who have already visited your site is one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to build loyal followers that translate into loyal clients.

Studies show that when visitors return to your website, their conversion rates improve by more than 13%! And, targeted email is the very best way to bring them back time and again.  Here are 6 reasons Email marketing is still a must for plastic surgeons.

It Works: Targeted email helps you maintain contact with your existing client base while reaching out to prospective clients as well. Well designed emails communicate with people who have already shown an interest in your practice by joining a list. In marketing terms, these are hot prospects rather than cold leads.

The Price is Right: Compared to other marketing strategies, an email campaign is very cost effective. Add to that the fact that it is much less expensive to keep clients than to look for new ones and email simply makes financial sense.

Speed: From concept to delivery, an email campaign can be delivered faster than most any other marketing technique.  The result of your campaign can be determined fairly quickly as well. A good email service enables you to monitor who is looking at your emails and who is responding within minutes of the email being sent.

Measurable: As just stated, it is simple to track how many of your emails were received, how many were opened, how many people clicked through to your site and how many of the individuals who “clicked through” actually requested information or an appointment.

Targeted: Rather than taking a shotgun approach, a plastic surgeon can target a specific demographic to receive a particular email.

Anyone Can Do It: Easy to use tools are available that make it possible to create and manage sophisticated email marketing campaigns. Web based services like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are inexpensive and allow for compiling a detailed database of visitor information.

If you aren’t collecting email addresses from you site visitors you are missing out on some of the most valuable free information you could ever have. Permission-based subscriber collection tools create visitors who not only have visited your site but have given you permission to contact them time and again.

Tips for effective capture:

  • Put an email capture screen on every page of your website.
  • Smart placement of email capture buttons and links increases your email capture rates.
  • Offer special opt-in bonuses to promote the benefits of becoming a subscriber and.
  • Resist asking for too much information up front. Keep it simple.
  • Emphasize the protection of their privacy.

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