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Five Ways to Tweet Your Way to Recognition

The immediacy of Twitter makes it a perfect tool to keep your name and practice before people in an unobtrusive manner. No social medium has the potential for causing a message to “go viral” more quickly than Twitter. Recently it was thought a poisonous cobra had escaped from the Bronx Zoo in New York. Someone created an account for the snake @BronxZoosCobra and within three days it had 236,000 followers. Unique items of interest quickly gain a life of their own as people tweet, retweet, and retweet the retweets.

Used effectively, Twitter can be used to create a growing conversation that points back to your practice. Here are five ways to tweet your way to recognition.

1. Point Followers to Your Web Site

Make Twitter your follow up plan for every blog post and meaningful addition to your website. If you are using a tool like Windows Live Writer you can set the program to automatically send a Tweet about the post without taking any extra steps.

What to tweet about …

  • Downloadable information on your website
  • An older blog post you want to give new life to
  • Spotlights on employees

2. Keep Up with Your Brand

By using Twitter Search you can track what people are saying about you, your practice, competitors and anything that is a hot topic in your field. You can also set up a RSS feed to gather these search results automatically in Google Reader. When you notice someone tweeting about you and your practice, follow them and also remember to thank them.

3. Make Twitter “Favorites” a way to highlight testimonials and references

When you click on the star at the left hand side of a tweet you set that person as a favorite. Anytime someone offers something positive about you and your practice make sure you follow them and make them a favorite. Third party testimonials are invaluable in setting yourself apart as a leader in your fields. You can link to these favorites from your blog or website by using the following URL with your USERNAME inserted.

4. Promotions

Run a special promotion only for those who are following your Tweets. You can use these to link followers directly to a sign-up page on your web site. Make it as easy as possible for people to sign up and make it special enough they want to share your tweet with others.

5. Establish yourself as an Authority

Tweet useful snippets of information that set you apart as a plastic surgeon that is ahead of the curve in your field. Share news about new procedures, seminars and whatever else lets people know you are serious about being the leader in your field of practice.

Don’t over saturate your followers with multiple meaningless tweets. One or two well thought out and meaningful tweets a day is far more effective than 10 that don’t really say anything. The attention span of tweeters is short so make sure the tweets you send are memorable.

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