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A Twitter Toolbox for Plastic Surgeons

Twitter is one of those aspects of social media that can quickly become daunting as your list of followers grows. As we noted in a earlier article, tweets can chew up a lot of time unless you learn how to manage Twitter with the right tools to fit your needs and goals for marketing your practice. Nothing makes any job go easier than having the right tools and fortunately there are a number of free and nearly free ones that can help you manage your Twitter account so it works for you and not against you.

1.  Cut out the Static With Proxlet

If you have used Facebook for very long you have hopefully discovered how easy it easy to block friends or hide annoying posts that only serve to clutter up the place. Proxlet is an app that does that same thing for Twitter. You can block spammy apps, mute loud users, filter out annoying hashtags and generally make Twitter a place that’s a lot nicer to deal with. The Proxlet app works with a variety of platforms including a Chrome extension for Twitter, Hootsuite, Twitter for iPhone, TweetDeck Desktop and a variety of others.

2.  Break the 140-character barriers with Nurph

The initial appeal of Twitter is that you can send, receive and share brief snippets of information that are easy to manage on any computer or mobile device. But there are times the 140 character limit can really put a crimp in your communication style. Nurph allows you to create Twitter chat rooms that solve this problem. To start a chat room all you have to do is tweet a link to followers for a real-time chat.

Nurph chat rooms allow for Twitter profile integration, tweet streaming and hovercards, making for a highly optimized, Twitter-specific chat service. This is one of those tools you have to try to appreciate how much time it can save.

3.  Get a Social Media Manager with

Think of as your smart online mailman that can deliver content to all of your social media platforms with one click. When you make a new post to your blog you can use this handy tool to automatically deliver the link to your post to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and receive information about how many people linked back to you and from what platform. also tells you how many clicks your content received.

4.  Analyze it all with Twoolr

Twoolr provides everything you need to analyze how effective your Twitter campaigns are. The intuitive dashboard gives a visual history of your tweets, followers and the effectiveness of messages.

5.  Create a Network within the Network with Triberr

This nifty tool allows you to create much smaller networks of followers in which to share posts and exchanging ideas. These “tribes” can consist of only seven followers and are invite-only. After joining a tribe you can instantly share each other’s posts via Twitter thus multiplying your reach and retweets instantly. Because these groups are by invitation only and restricted in followers you are guaranteed relevant and spam-free content from tweets within the tribe.

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