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When Should I Add That Blog Post?

Most medical professionals are probably saying what you as a plastic surgeon are saying at this point – whenever I can find the time. Busy professionals often find themselves in a bit of a trap when it comes to their blog. They know they need it. It is producing results. But, it has become yet one more thing to remember. One way to manage the time issue with your blog and make it even more effective is to understand the best times to post and the times you may actually be wasting your time.

Since we all know you don’t have time to waste here are few things to remember about timing and posting to your blog.

Least Effective Times to Post

  • Thursdays and Fridays – In spite of your best efforts to make your blog post known there is always a catch-up period between when an article is posted and when web searchers find it. If you post an important article on Thursday, the odds are the catch-up rule means it won’t be found be most until the weekend.

  • Weekends – Since you’re wondering now about the problem with late in the week postings here’s the reason. Posts that go live on the weekend generally have the least traction. The vast majority of web surfing happens at work not home. Employees may not want to admit that but it is true. Though there are some exceptions, people are busy on the weekends and that post you put time into is likely to get lost in the shuffle.
  • Public Holidays – This one is a bit more on the bubble as to effective or not-effective. Statistics point toward lower readership of blogs on public holidays but those who do read your blog posts at these times may spend more time digesting what you have written.

Getting the Timing Down

A good general rule is to set articles to automatically post between midnight and 6 AM. People who are scanning their RSS feeds will have your new post waiting for them as then check them before leaving for work are while having that first cup of coffee at the desk. A good idea is to always post your most important articles during this time frame.

This is where a bit of analysis will help.  The key is to identify how posts at different times of the day (and days of the week) are interacted with by readers. If you see a trend that shows a large percentage of your readers are leaving comments in the afternoon adjust things to have that blog going out mid-morning. The idea is to always have something fresh to read at the peak time your readers are accessing your posts.

Know When Not to Post

It is important to give some thought to the sequence of your posts and how long milestone posts are allowed to stay at the forefront. Important posts need time to be noticed. One way to emphasize the importance of an article is to allow it more time than normal before posting something new. Allowing a post to sit for a day or two can add to its perceived importance.

You also need to avoid posting about the same topic too quickly. Variety and freshness is the name of the game in good blogging. Too much repetition can have a negative impact so mix it up.

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